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  • Strategic planning for oil and gas related development
  • Strategic planning in London: the rise and fall of the primary road network
  • Le stratège et l'espace: une approche militaire
  • Strategic planning and the area development projects of the Scottish development agency
  • The geography of international strategic alliances in the telecommunications industry : the cases of Cable and Wireless, Ericsson, and Fujitsu
  • Strategic alliances are seen as an attempt by capital to cope with turbulent market conditions brought about by technical and regulatory change, and are part of a wider corporate and industrial restructuring process.
  • Backpacker tourism in South Africa : challenges and strategic opportunities
  • Several countries recognise the developmental benefits of encouraging backpacker tourism. This paper contributes towards strategic policy development for backpacker tourism in South Africa. The findings of a consumer survey of 292 international
  • backpackers point to six key issues for strategic intervention : marketing, limites holidays jobs, lack of information, poor offerings, poor public transport and underdevelopment of domestic backpacking. - (AJC)
  • The strategic transition of spatial distribution in China's urbanization and the measures concerned
  • Assessing readiness for economic development strategic planning : a community case study in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • The strategic strait with special reference to the Malacca Straits
  • London docklands strategic plan
  • Forecasting methodologies in strategic planning: a review in Nineteenth European Congress, London, 1979.
  • Strategic land use planning and the British development plan system
  • People and their settlements, aspects of housing, transport and strategic planning in the United Kingdom
  • The development of strategic policy planning in Victoria, Australia: a review
  • A strategic atlas. Comparative geopolitics of the World's powers.
  • Strategic planning and energy conservation
  • Strategic planning in a rapidly changing environment.
  • The status and extent of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) practice in South Africa 1996-2003
  • The paper provides insights into the profile of the emerging Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) system in South Africa by highlighting legislative and policy provisions that implicitly facilitated practice. South Africa provides a rich variety
  • Strategic behavior and development sequences in producer service businesses
  • The AA. address this topic by illustrating types of strategic behaviors, developing a taxonomy of firm segments, and relating types of strategic behavior to this taxonomy. The paper is based on results from 444 in-depth interviews. Key variables
  • Integrated forecasting in strategic planning practice. (Fourth International workshop on strategic planning, April 1984, Liverpool)