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  • A housing stock model for school population forecasting and planning
  • Stock and flow in the analysis of vacant residential property
  • Stock variation and cereal supply models for the United Kingdom
  • Céréale ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Modèle ; Offre agricole ; Royaume-Uni ; Stock
  • Article examinant les arguments en faveur de l'inclusion d'une variable mesurant les variations de stock pour l'élaboration d'un modèle de production céréalière. Critique des modèles antérieurs. Implications relatives à la ligne de conduite qui
  • Gyor-Sopron megye allatenyésztése Stock-breeding in Gyor-Sopron county
  • The most important stock-breeding centres are summed up within the county. It describes those market-changes, that occurred within this territory, and gives suggestions what other kinds of animals can be bred here. - (JS)
  • Estimating housing stock in a Third World city: a method used in Kumasi
  • Estimation ; Ghana ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Kumasi ; Logement ; Politique du logement ; Statistique ; Stock de logement ; Tiers-Monde
  • The optimum timing and maximum impact of full rehabilitation of New Zealand housing stock
  • L'A. développe un modèle de simulation pour estimer le calendrier optimal et l'impact maximal d'une réhabilitation complète du stock de logements néo-zélandais. Le modèle est basé sur les théories de la dynamique des populations.
  • The sale of the social housing stock in Slovenia: what happened and why
  • The sales of this stock has been promulgated by the Housing Act in 1991. The large differences between municipalities in the percentage of sold social housing are due primarily to economic factors. It has accentuated regional disparities
  • Taking stock of urban geography
  • Information, hierarchical model structures and forecasting: a case study of the stock of dairy cows in England and Wales
  • Le stock des logements et leurs commodités au 31décembre 1975
  • Agriculture ; Céréale ; Etats-Unis ; Exportation ; Géographie humaine ; Rendement agricole ; Stock privé
  • The AA. focus on three relatively neglected issues: the role of private stock piling, the nature of export demand for US wheat, the distribution of crop yields. These issues will determine important attributes of any feasible scheme. (INRA).
  • Habitability laws and the shrinkage of substandard rental housing stock
  • Le stock des logements et leurs commodités au 31décembre 1976
  • Policy review section : enterprise boards and some issues raised by taking equity and loan stock in major companies
  • Differential weathering of granitic stocks and landscape effects in a Mediterranean climate, Southern Iberian Massif (Spain)
  • Mineralogical and structural features control the weathering processes and landform development of 2 different crystalline stocks in the Iberian Massif : the Santa Elena and Linares stocks. Mineralogical and geochemical evidence indicate the Santa
  • Elena materials are more intensely weathered. High fracturation and high Ca-richer plagioclase contents are key factors producing the pervasive Santa Elena stock weathering. Fluvial erosion removed the alteration products in incised tectonically
  • Spatial assessment of carbon stocks of living vegetation at the national level in Lao PDR
  • In this study, the AA. present an approach for spatial assessment of vegetation-based carbon stocks. They used Google Earth, Landsat and MODIS satellite imagery and refined the official national land cover data to assess carbon stocks. Their study
  • showed that more than half (52%) of carbon stock of Laos is stored in natural forests, but that 70% of this stock is located outside of national protected areas. It is suggested that the main focus of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation
  • and Forest Degradation (REDD) in Laos should be on the conservation of existing carbon stocks, giving highest priority to the prevention of deforestation outside of national protected areas.
  • The 1987 stock market crash and New York City employment : an intervention-multiplier analysis
  • Intervention analysis is used to assess the impact of the October 1987 stock market crash upon employment in the securities industry in New York City. Using a dynamic location quotient methodology to measure basic employment, an estimate
  • Za razvitieto na zivotnovadstvoto v Balgariia (On the development of stock-breeding in Bulgaria)
  • The stock-breeding holds second place after plant production in Bulgarian agriculture. The livestock productivity has risen considerably, the per capita output being at present 2,5 times higher compared with the 1939 level. Deep structural changes
  • Open space and housing stock quality as urban redevelopment resources
  • A successful urban redevelopment needs the attention of small-scale conditions of housing stocks and open spaces and the consideration of demand of the inhabitants. It is the aim of a research project at the IÖR to provide some fundamental knowledge
  • Stone and gravel contents of arable soils influence estimates of C and N stocks
  • to an overestimation of C and N stocks by 8-9%. It was concluded that the inclusion of stone and gravel volume of arable soils may be important if nutrient stocks of different sites are compared, or the effects of land use changes are scaled up to regional or global