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  • Brazilian county-level juridical documents as sources for historical geography: a case study from western São Paulo state
  • Brésil ; Couvert végétal ; Foncier ; Géographie historique ; Relevé ; Statut juridique ; São Paulo ; Utilisation du sol
  • programme about the protection of the environment has brought a positive answer. This work examines the intensity of the powers given to the EEC. Analysis of their forms, to the fields to which they apply and the juridical means which are at their disposal.
  • of ‘formality’ and ‘informality’ are of little value in understanding urban processes, and instead it is necessary to understand how the boundary between formal/informal is produced and contested both juridically and through everyday practices of enforcement
  • This paper discusses several key aspects of the Soviet occupation and incorporation of East Prussia in 1945–49: its juridical and administrative configuration into a zone of exception through militarized ‘closing’, the unequal invocation
  • [b1] SEGIS-Dept. of Social, Economic, Juridical, Geographical Sciences, Univ. of Sannio, Benevento, Italie