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  • Statistics of Hawaiian agriculture, 1975
  • Internal migration between statistical areas of New Zealand 1966-1971
  • A statistical model on the fertility of giant taro cultivation pits at Tarawa Atoll (Central Pacific)
  • Statistical Analysis of Spatial Patterns of smoke concentrations in Christchurch
  • In the intercensal period 1966-1971, Victoria had a high level of population mobility, but the movement of about 38 percent of the population resulted in relatively minor redistributions between statistical divisions.
  • Studies of inventive activity, based largely on analyses of 19th century U.S. patent statistics, have emphasised the urban concentration of inventiveness, suggesting it as the cause of urban growth. It has been assumed that the relationship between
  • . to its present position No evidence for secondary oscillations of sea-level has been found. The average recurrence interval of major ridge-building storm is about 80 yr. Statistics of the series of storm-ridge ages do not show any identifiable changes
  • of rural and isolated communities. Questions of scale and space are critically important. Thus, field work and regional skills of a geographer are required to understand areas where statistical data are lacking.