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  • Tolfroedihandbok 1974-Statistical abstract of Iceland 1974
  • Statistical Bureau of Iceland
  • The critique of official statistics in Demystifying social statistics.
  • ISLANDE. Statistical Bureau
  • A matter of life and death: medecine, health and statistics in Demystifying social statistics.
  • How official statistics are produced: views from the inside in Demystifying social statistics.
  • The structure of regional unemployment in the Netherlands: an exploratory statistical analysis
  • A statistical profile of the Korean community in the Soviet Union
  • Soviet Jewry in the 1979 Census: statistical date
  • Concise statistical yearbook of Poland 1982.
  • The poverty of wealth statistics in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Qualitativ statistische Analyse der Landschaft am Mittleren Oberrhein.. (Qualitative statistical analysis of the landscape on the Middle Upper Rhine)
  • Rochechouart impact crater: statistical geochemical investigations and meteoritic contamination in Impact and explosion cratering. Planetary and terrestrial implications.
  • Poverty in the Welfare state in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Statistical analysis of the emigration flow from Greece
  • -territorial structure by using the multidimensional statistical analysis)
  • A complex mathematical-statistical assessment of the rank order by modification of the index of development level and by applying multidimensional analysis to data refering to area, population and production in each of the 8 already delineated
  • Based on a complex evaluation of a great number of loess samples of the Danubian lowland and their analysis by methods of mathematical statistics, it was possible to create a realistic model of the base soil. For the statistical processing
  • Review of the new soviet industry statistical handbook
  • 25 jaar Algemene Industrie Statistiek| een beknopte analyse van de Noordbrabantse industriële werkgelegenheid in de periode 1950-1975 25Years General Industry Statistics| a short analysis of the development of the industrial labourforce in Noord
  • L'agriculture en Ile-de-France: analyse de quelques données statistiques en vue de préciser sa place dans l'aménagement régional= agriculture in the Ile-de-France region: analysis of statistical data with a view to specifying its position