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  • Social and economic statistics for Africa.
  • Politics and marriage in South Kanem (Chad)| a statistical presentation of endogamy from 1895 to 1975
  • Nearest-neighbour statistic and settlement pattern analysis
  • Statistical analysis of the distribution characteristics of cholera within Ibadan city, Nigeria (1971)
  • Estadisticas de la Guinea Ecuatorial Nguemista. Datos para explicar un desastre politico = Statistics of Nguemist Equatorial Guinea. Data to explain a political disaster = Statistiques de la Guinée Equatoriale Nguemiste. Données pour expliquer un
  • A useful background to modern Nigeria, with considerable statistical material. (EMS).
  • A statistical and cartographic inspection of the demographic, socio-economic and urbanization features reveal an unbalanced spatial and ethnic pattern which might influence the location of cancer treatment facilities in South Africa.
  • technicians. Agriculture still accounts for 70% of the country's labour force and must have priority in development. Useful statistics are included in the article. (EMS).
  • This extensively revised edition incorporates up-dated statistics as well as an account of events up to 1975, including the oil war, the collapse of the gold price, and the devaluation of South Africa's currency. The book remains an authoritative
  • Distinct traces of aeolian abrasion in rocks and the statistical distribution of ventifacts on land surfaces of the serir type were investigated along a N-S profile across the western central Sahara. Wind fluting everywhere may be explained
  • The author has used a field survey and statistical methods to study how a small farmer decides on his farming programme. The age characteristics of a smallholder are important in determining his choice, and technology supplied should be appropriate
  • , of making contact in the field, and of statistical processing need to be solved. As the present Census differed in significant respects from the previous one, particular interest is attached to the methodological aspects of this enquiry.
  • Differences in annual geopotential heights at the 850 and 500 mb. levels between 16 pairs of stations have been submitted to principal component analysis to identify the most important statistically uncorrelated pressure patterns accounting
  • Satellite imagery and surface rainfall records are used to develop statistics of Orange Free State rainfall for several types of synoptic systems. Cloud bands linking the tropical and temperate circulations were the major individual contributors
  • in an empiric-statistical way with the help of methods such as distance grouping and nearest-neighbour analysis. The investigation uses multivariate methods (factor analysis). The results lead to proposals for regional planning. (L'A.).
  • Among inequality studies those on income inequality take a prominent place. Most of these studies are of a highly statistical nature. The present article approaches income inequality from quite a different angle. It deals with changes in income