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  • Statistical software for microcomputers
  • Eugenics and the rise of mathematical statistics in Britain in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Statistics teaching in social science : a problem with history in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Positivism and statistics in social science in Demystifying social statistics.
  • A statistical screening procedure for goal programming algorithm selection
  • Statistical analysis on microcomputer
  • Statistics in geography: a practical approach
  • Demystifying social statistics.
  • Adaptative expectations, the exponentially weighted forecast, and optimal statistical predictors: a revisit
  • Towards a theory of spatial statistics: a rejoinder
  • Statistical methods of regionalisation
  • An attempt has been made to review the available important statistical methods of regionalisation through by grouping disaggregated data into some homogeneous groups such that the inter group heterogeneity and within the group homogeneity
  • A statistical approach to modelling interaction in a functional space
  • The purpose of the present paper is to use analogy of one of the fundamental concepts of quantum mecanics to derive a negative exponential random variable distribution defining the statistical character of the relationship between distance
  • The random topology model of channel networks : bias in statistical tests
  • Estimating spatial autoregressive model parameters with commercial statistical packages
  • Hypoteseproving for geografer. Elementaert statistisk grunnlag og testmetoder. Kvantitative metoder Cg18 Testing of hypothesis for geographers. Basic statistics and test methods. Quantitative methods Cg18
  • Aesthetic encounters of the statistical kind
  • The significants of significance tests in Demystifying social statistics.
  • The computerisation of social research in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Ratios and absolute amounts conveyed by a stepped statistical surface
  • Statistical concepts in geography.