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  • Baltic Sea ; Climatic cycle ; Climatic trend ; Climatic variation ; Climatic warming ; Coastal environment ; Global change ; Ice ; Poland ; Sea ice ; Statistics
  • This paper presents the results of statistical analysis carried out for the purpose of detecting cyclicity and trends in the time series. Use was made of variance spectral analysis, running means, linear regression and Mann-Kendall rank-statistics
  • Climatic variation ; Forecast ; Global change ; Markov chain ; Model ; Poland ; Precipitation ; Statistics ; Temperature ; Water balance ; Watershed
  • changes in hydrological models on the territory of Poland. Methods of grid simulation using 90-year and 30-year sequences provide sufficient statistical material for a relatively precise estimation. AA. presented stochastic generation of meteorological
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Carpathian Mountains ; Cyclone ; Poland ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variability ; Spatial variation ; Statistics ; Time series
  • Air temperature ; Atmospheric moisture ; Climatic variability ; Climatic variation ; Libya ; Precipitation ; Statistics ; Temperature ; Time series
  • within the limits of the Gdańsk Refinery located in the eastern part of Gdańsk in the coastal zone of the southern Baltic Sea. Meteorological situations influencing THC concentrations were defined and statistical analysis yielded a quality classification
  • to serve also a basis for further, more precise studies including the variability and cyclicity of air temperature values in particular months. The methods used are known in statistics. Applied were : the equalization of long series by way of moving means