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  • Social and economic statistics for Africa.
  • The statistical mechanical theory of groundwater flow
  • Adaptative expectations, the exponentially weighted forecast, and optimal statistical predictors: a revisit
  • Towards a theory of spatial statistics: a rejoinder
  • SMT : a spatial mapping tool for statistical data set
  • Using the GIS techniques, and supported by Auto CAD software, the A. develops a practical method to make statistical maps and a software (SMT) to make small-scale statistical maps using C language.
  • Autoregressive process ; Krigeage ; Model ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Spatial statistics ; Statistics
  • The paper seeks to continue the building of a common foundation for spatial statistics and geostatistics. Equations from the conditional autoregressive model of spatial statistics for estimating missing geo-referenced data have been found
  • The critique of official statistics in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Statistical methods of regionalisation
  • An attempt has been made to review the available important statistical methods of regionalisation through by grouping disaggregated data into some homogeneous groups such that the inter group heterogeneity and within the group homogeneity
  • Temporal statistics : an application in snowfall climatology
  • Analysis of snowfall data demonstrates the utility of temporal statistics for quantifying temporal and geographic variations in a climatic variable's seasonal distribution.
  • Error ; Information ; Location ; Simulation ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial statistics ; Statistics
  • The AA. propose a statistical model for incorporating location error into spatial data analysis. They investigate the effect of location error on the spatial lag, the covariance function, and optimal spatial linear prediction.
  • Anuarul statistic al României, 1992 = Romanian statistical yearbook, 1992
  • Documentation ; Economy ; Population ; Romania ; Statistics ; Yearbook
  • Lichenometric dating : a commentary, in the light of some recent statistical studies
  • Dating ; Holocene ; Lichenometry ; Methodology ; Quaternary ; Relative dating ; Statistics
  • This commentary paper discusses the relative merits of new mathematical approaches to lichenometry. It highlights their strong reliance on complex statistics. The A. proposes that the success of lichenometric dating over the past 50 years has
  • stemmed from its relative simplicity, transparency, and general field applicability. Further more, the paper raises a more general philosophical question : can statistical complexity and high precision in a geobotanical dating technique, fraught with high
  • Statistical downscaling estimates of high temperature in summer in Japan
  • Climatic warming ; Forecast ; Global change ; Honshu ; Japan ; Model ; Regional climate ; Regression analysis ; Statistics ; Summer ; Temperature
  • In this study, a statistical downscaling method was applied to estimate August mean daily maximum temperature in Japan so that the applicability of the method to extreme temperature in the region was examined. The model related the local variable
  • with the principal components of large-scale climate variables over the region using stepwise multiple regression analysis. The statistical model was evaluated by the cross validation procedure. It was confirmed that the method is applicable to the estimation of high
  • Computing ; Distribution of points ; Practical work ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial statistics ; Statistics ; Teaching of geography
  • The AA. share their experience in getting students to develop basic programming skills by providing them with exercises in descriptive statistics, nearest neighbor analysis, median center of a set of points, and networks as matrices. Ideas
  • Equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical thermodynamical approaches to modeling spatial interaction dynamics
  • Migration ; Probability ; Spatial dynamics ; Spatial equilibrium ; Spatial interaction ; Statistics
  • A statistical approach to modelling interaction in a functional space
  • The purpose of the present paper is to use analogy of one of the fundamental concepts of quantum mecanics to derive a negative exponential random variable distribution defining the statistical character of the relationship between distance
  • The analysis of turbulence time series: statistical and correlation approaches using the MINITAB package
  • Correlation ; Geophysics ; Hydrodynamics ; Model ; Runoff ; Sediment transport ; Statistics ; Time series ; Turbulence
  • The theoretical basis and use of statistical and correlation approaches for the analysis of turbulence time series are described. In particular, the analysis of data from high frequency current meter measurements using MINITAB is presented
  • Industrial location and policy : a spatial statistical analysis
  • Spatial statistics and modeling
  • Economic cost ; Industrial location ; Industrial mobility ; Regional policy ; Spatial analysis ; Statistics ; Transport cost ; United Kingdom
  • An evaluation of environmental protection agency-sanctioned statistical methods used in the assessment of groundwater quality
  • Ground water ; Natural resources ; Nature conservation ; Statistics ; Water quality
  • influenced by the statistical method used.
  • ISLANDE. Statistical Bureau