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  • The statistical mechanical theory of groundwater flow
  • Temporal statistics : an application in snowfall climatology
  • Analysis of snowfall data demonstrates the utility of temporal statistics for quantifying temporal and geographic variations in a climatic variable's seasonal distribution.
  • A statistical approach to asymmetry in roughness of mountain slopes in Japan from the viewpoint of climatic geomorphology
  • Statistical methods in hydrology.
  • A statistical approach to the inverse problem of aquifer hydrology. 1. Theory
  • Statistical analysis in geology.
  • Statistical characteristics of turbulence and the budget of turbulent energy in the surface boundary layer
  • of the turbulent energy budget as well as turbulence statistics in the surface boundary layer. Turbulence statistics are analysed and interpreted in relation to parameters such as height, mean wind speed and stability conditions. Terms in the budget equation
  • of turbulent energy were derived from turbulence statistics. The vertical structure and temporal change of turbulent energy budget are pointed out for unstable and stable conditions. Finally a model for turbulent energy, deduced from the results, is presented
  • Identification of strength equilibrium rock slopes : further statistical considerations
  • to delimit the envelope are reviewed and modifications are proposed that permit its more rigorous statistical definition. The structural relation between the variables is estimated by regressing RMS on O, and the strength equilibrium envelope is defined
  • Seasonal ground frost occurrence : developing a statistically-based predictive model
  • Statistical analysis of factors influencing cliff erosion along a section of the West Wales coast, U.K.
  • This paper deals with eolian deposits and dust storms in Greece. Statistics on episodes with atmospheric dust are extracted from meteorological data taken at a number of Greek weather stations. In addition eolian dust of probably Saharan origin
  • is collected in a number of traps placed by the AA. at weather station in Crete. Data from the statistics and from the traps are presented, analysed and discussed here.
  • Statistical forecasting of water-balance elements and level variations of the Caspian Sea
  • An examination of the characteristics of turloughs, using multivariate statistical techniques
  • Statistical determination of design low flows
  • The statistical problem of climate inversion: determination of the relationship between local and large-scale climate
  • The estimation of the most probable local or mesoscale distribution of a climatic variable when only the large-scale value is given may be viewed as a sort of climate inversion problem. As an initial statistical study of this question, the monthly
  • Ergebnisse einer statistischen Analyse von Monatssummen der Verdunstungshohe von freien Wasserflächen für das Gebiet der DDR. (Results of a statistical analysis of monthly amounts of evaporation from free water surfaces on the territory of the GDR)
  • Values of evaporation from free water surfaces, calculated by a standard method of meteorological stations of the GDR, on the basis of climatic data, have been submitted to a preliminary statistical evaluation. The regional distribution of annual
  • Anwendung statistischer Methoden auf Ergebnisse der Schwermineralanalyse pleistozäner Sedimente bei Nochern (Mittelrhein). (The application of statistical methods to results of heavy mineral analysis carried out on Pleistocene sediments
  • The aim of the investigations was to get an idea of sources of error and their order in heavy mineral analysis. Samples have been taken from three pit-sections of a terrace-unit. The results of the investigations have been tested with statistical
  • General circulation statistics on short time scales
  • to the specific averaging period chosen during the winter. The AA. illustrate one use of monitoring general circulation statistics on short time scales by studying the evolution of 10-days mean eddy fluxes of sensible heat and their relation to changes
  • A multivariate statistical analysis of sediment yield and prediction in Romania in Geomorphological models. Theoretical and empirical aspects.
  • River bank erosion and the influence of frost : a statistical examination