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  • The use of statistics in counter-information in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Statistiques de la population active, 1963-1974. Labour force statistics
  • Statistical and cartographic methods of analysing spatial patterns of mortality
  • Social forecasting: predicting the future or making history in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Labour force statistics = Statistiques de la population active 1968-1979.
  • An econometric model of the Chicago standard metropolitan statistical area
  • A new perspective on forecasting store sales: applying statistical models and techniques in the analog approach
  • Sexism in official statistics in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Statistical approaches to structural change in regional interindustry models
  • Rational maps and parameters of geographical-statistical data
  • Operational research and cost benefit analysis: whose science? in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Differences in spatial pricing in the United States: a statistical analysis and case studies
  • Information statistics for comparing predicted and observed trip matrices in Including papers from the 2 nd Tsukuba conference on regional development and planning.
  • Energy statistics = Statistiques de l'énergie 1975-1979.. (Avec errata)
  • Dutch international migration statistics 1820-1880: an analysis of linked multinational nominal files
  • Labour force statistics. 1967-1978=Statistiques de la population active.
  • A statistical consideration on the mapping of mortality
  • The empirical analysis of housing careers : a review and a general statistical modelling framework
  • Opinion polls-social science or political manoeuvre? in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Cohort parity analysis : statistical estimates of the extent of fertility control