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  • Tolfroedihandbok 1974-Statistical abstract of Iceland 1974
  • Statistical Bureau of Iceland
  • A statistical method for the detection of geographic clustering
  • Methodology ; Probability ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Statistics ; Test
  • local statistics. Local statistics for data on a regular grid of cells are first defined by using a Gaussian kernel. Results from integral geometry are used to find the probability that the maximum local statistic exceeds a given critical value.
  • Statistical software for microcomputers
  • European databanks. A guide to official statistics
  • Data ; Data bank ; Documentation ; Europe ; Statistics
  • Statistical Office of the European Communities. EUROSTAT, International
  • Labour statistics in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Eugenics and the rise of mathematical statistics in Britain in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Statistics teaching in social science : a problem with history in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Positivism and statistics in social science in Demystifying social statistics.
  • Chinese statistics : classification systems and data sources
  • Agriculture ; China ; Classification ; Data ; Data base ; Economy ; Industrial sector ; Industry ; Service ; Statistics
  • China researchers make frequent use of official Chinese statistics, but these statistics are often not well understood. A second part of the article provides an overview of the wealth of Chinese statistics now available. It points out
  • the limitations of some of these sources and provides references to a secondary literature that discusses the meaning and quality of particular Chinese statistics.
  • Statistical test for local patterns of spatial association
  • Matrix analysis ; Methodology ; Spatial analysis ; Statistics ; Test
  • To offer a more formal approach in line with classical statistical framework, the AA. develop an exact method for computing the p-values of the local Moran's Ii, local Geary's ci, and the modified Ord and Getis G statistics based
  • , but also puts the tests of several local statistics within a unified statistical framework.
  • Anuarul statistic of României, 1991 = Romanian statistical yearbook, 1991
  • Documentation ; Economy ; Population ; Romania ; Standard of living ; Statistics ; Yearbook
  • Statistical models of fluvial systems
  • Channel geometry ; Fluvial processes ; Model ; Multivariate analysis ; Regression analysis ; Statistics
  • This paper assesses the utility of statistical models by examining methodological issues associated with empirical analysis of hydraulic and channel geometry relationships. It also describes and presents examples of advanced statistical models
  • A distribution-free statistical method for the spatial characterization of dune granulometry : an example from the Strzelecki Desert, South Australia
  • Aeolian features ; Australia ; Barchan ; Desert ; Dune ; Grain size distribution ; Sedimentology ; South Australia ; Statistical distribution ; Statistics
  • This technical communication discusses the manner in which spatial granulometric differences for barchan dunes can be confidently and accurately identified using non-parametric statistical methods.
  • Internet GIS for historical regional statistics
  • Geographical information system ; Historical geography ; Honshu ; Internet ; Japan ; Regional analysis ; Spatial statistics ; Statistics
  • This paper introduces an internet GIS for historical regional statistics developed by the Laboratory of Spatial Information Science, Doctoral Program in Geoenvironmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba. The paper discusses the objectives
  • of this project, the available data, its scope and features, and some of the prospects and challenges as an online geospatial database facility of historical statistics of Japan since the Meiji period.
  • Statistical analysis on microcomputer
  • A statistical screening procedure for goal programming algorithm selection
  • Adaptative expectations, the exponentially weighted forecast, and optimal statistical predictors: a revisit
  • Demystifying social statistics.
  • Statistics in geography: a practical approach