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  • The impact of Hurricane Allen on the St. Lucia banana industry
  • Hurricane Allen had a disastrous impact on the St. Lucia banana industry, destroying 100 % of the standing crop. The paper provides details of crop losses and damage, and highlights the main features of the banana rehabilitation programme. The rapid
  • L environnement conteste : la territorialisation des conflits environnementaux sur le littoral du Kwazulu-Natal (Afrique du Sud : Kosi Bay, St Lucia, Richards Bay et Port Shepstone)
  • Kosi Bay - St Lucia - Richards Bay - Port Shepstone - Afrique du Sud - Afrique Australe - Afrique - Geographie de l Environnement - Amenagement du Territoire - Politique Urbaine - Developpement Durable - Gestion des Conflits - Municipalite
  • Kosi Bay ; St Lucia ; Richards Bay ; Port Shepstone
  • Applied geography as action research: the St. Lucia energy futures project
  • Les conflits environnementaux à St Lucia (Afrique du Sud), entre protection et exclusion
  • , et d'une majorité noire pauvre en quête de reconnaissance politique. Il met en perspective des conflits environnementaux qui voient les afrikaners de St Lucia revendiquer leur libre accès aux plages des littoraux sud-africains face à de nouvelles lois
  • The disciplinary effects of communicative planning in Soufriere, St Lucia : governmentality, hegemony and space-time politics
  • Local policy ; Management ; Planning ; Policy ; Space time ; St Lucia
  • Social transformation and participatory planning in St Lucia
  • Development ; Elite ; Environmental management ; Participation ; Planning ; Protected area ; Sharecropping ; Social change ; St Lucia ; Sustainable development
  • An examination of the relationship between storm precipitation and pore water conditions in road cut slopes, St Lucia, West Indies
  • Economic situation ; Economy ; Lesser Antilles ; Living standard ; Poverty ; Society ; St Lucia ; St Vincent and the Grenadines ; Transport
  • Agroclimatology ; Climatic change ; Climatic hazard ; Mangrove ; Methodology ; Perception ; Philippines ; Plantation ; Society-environment relationship ; St Lucia ; Vulnerability
  • Agroclimatología ; Cambio climático ; Filipinas ; Manglar ; Metodología ; Percepción ; Plantación ; Relación sociedad-medio ambiente ; Riesgo climático ; Santa Lucía ; Vulnerabilidad
  • by these changes or by changes in climate per se. Research on coastal mangrove planting for storm protection in the Philippines and upland tree planting in St. Lucia are used to illustrate these arguments.
  • [b1] School of Social Sciences, Univ. of Queensland, St. Lucia, Australie
  • . Application to slopes in St.-Lucia, show the accordance of resistance envelope predictions with stability analysis results. A methodology for the geomorphological investigation of stability processes in tropical slopes is proposed.
  • predicted by resistance envelope methods. It is shown that for two sites examined in St. Lucia, the results from such a test confirm results obtained by use of resistance envelopes.
  • Caribbean ; Conflict ; Environment ; Marine environment ; Perception ; Sea transport ; Seaside tourism ; St Lucia ; Tourism ; Yachting
  • [b1] School of Economics, Univ. of Queensland, St Lucia, Australie
  • ; Regional economy ; St Christopher - Nevis ; St Lucia ; St Vincent and the Grenadines ; Tourism ; West Indies
  • The La Lucia-Umhlanga Ridge as an emerging edge-city
  • An examination of the concept of edge cities indicates that the La Lucia-Umhlanga Ridge, north of Durban, is emerging as such an entity, as a result of residential followed by commercial relocation to the urban periphery. However, it is contended
  • Social change and sexual differences in Puerto Rican rural migration in Papers in Latin American geography in honor of Lucia C. Harrison.
  • Folk remedies in modern pharmacies: examples from Tijuana, Mexico in Papers in Latin American geography in honor of Lucia C. Harrison.
  • ; Martinique ; Nicaragua ; Panama ; Political geography ; Population ; Puerto Rico ; Regional economy ; Regional geography ; Society ; St Lucia ; Trinidad and Tobago ; West Indies
  • [b1] School of Economics, Univ. of Queensland, St Lucia, Australie