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  • Growth pole spillovers: the dynamics of backwash and spread
  • Explaining the variation in the empirical estimates of academic knowledge spillovers
  • Innovation ; Knowledge ; Knowledge transfer ; Production fonction ; Region ; Regional analysis ; Regression analysis ; Spillover
  • The paper presents a meta-regression analysis of the empirical studies exploring the relationship between academic knowledge spillovers and regional innovation. The results of the literature are found to depend on country effects, the level
  • Spatial knowledge spillovers and university research : evidence from Austria
  • The paper provides some evidence on the importance of geographically mediated knowledge production in high-technology industries in Austria. Spillovers occur because knowledge created by universities has some of the characteristics of public goods
  • spillovers that transcend the spatial scale of political districts.
  • Geographic and network neighbors : spillover effects of telecommunications infrastructure
  • The paper tests for spatial spillover effects of state-level telecommunications infrastructure investment on state output, using panel data for 48 U.S. states from 1970 to 1997. Findings indicate that a state benefits from its own telecommunications
  • infrastructure, but telecommunications investment by other states has a negative impact on its output growth path, and proximity amplifies this negative spillover effect.
  • Mutinationals, geographical spillovers, and regional development in Thailand
  • Econometry ; Entrepreneurship ; Firm ; Germany ; Knowledge ; Model ; Regional development ; Spatial dependence ; Spillover
  • This article analyses the effects of knowledge spillovers via entrepreneurship on economic performance of 337 German districts. Positive knowledge spillover effects via entrepreneurship and competitiveness – improving the effects of entrepreneurship
  • capital within a certain region as well as between regions – are found. However, the significance of the spatial spillover effects largely depends on the choice of the weight matrix. This is seen as evidence that positive and negative spatial spillover
  • Knowledge spillovers, absorptive capacity, and skill intensity of Chilean manufacturing plants
  • Chile ; Employment ; Industrial establishment ; Industry ; Knowledge ; Labour productivity ; Production fonction ; Skilled labour ; Spillover
  • In this study, the AA. identify a mechanism through which knowledge spillovers occur among plants in the Chilean manufacturing industry. A plant-level production function is estimated with the absorptive-capacity hypothesis, that is, employment
  • of skilled workers is a key channel through which knowledge is transmitted across plants. Results show that a plant's productivity from spillovers increases with its skill intensity, which is measured by the share of skilled workers in total employment.
  • Technological interdependence and regional growth in Europe : proximity and synergy in knowledge spillovers
  • Economic growth ; Europe ; European Union ; Knowledge spillovers ; Learning process ; Measurement ; Model ; Proximity ; Regional economy
  • Knowledge spillovers are subject to distance decay effects. The main aim is to provide a theoretical framework and empirical evidence on the role played by other kinds of proximities in explaining productivity growth. A sample of EU regions
  • in the period 1990-2004 is used. There is an evidence of a positive role of social and relational proximities as important channels of knowledge spillovers. When simultaneously present, different kinds of proximities generate synergic effects on growth.
  • Localized spillovers and knowledge flows : how does proximity influence the performance of plants ?
  • Agglomeration ; Flow ; Industrial establishment ; Industry ; Knowledge ; Labour mobility ; Productivity ; Proximity ; Spillover ; Sweden
  • Okun’s law and urban spillovers in US unemployment
  • Employment ; Labour market ; Scale ; Spatial dependence ; Spillover ; Unemployment ; United States of America
  • Using data for 2002–2010 from 358 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), the A estimate Okun’s law which accounts for national shocks and spatial spillovers in urban areas. Our scale of measurement is changed to the state level, allowing us
  • Research and development, spillovers, innovation systems, and the genesis of regional growth in Europe
  • What do we know about geographical knowledge spillovers and regional growth ? : a survey of the literature
  • Endogenous RandD spillover and location choice in a mixed oligopoly
  • Economic equilibrium ; Firm ; Investment ; Location choice ; Oligopoly ; Private sector ; Public sector ; Research and development ; Spatial competition ; Spillover ; Welfare
  • Regional and company-specific factors for high growth dynamics of ICT companies in Germany with particular emphasis on knowledge spillovers
  • Cluster ; Economic growth ; Firm ; Germany ; Information ; Knowledge spillovers ; Regional science ; Research and development ; Technology
  • Quantifying knowledge spillovers using spatial econometric models
  • Agglomeration ; Externalities ; France ; Industrial branch ; Industry ; Knowledge ; Patent ; Research and development ; Spatial differentiation ; Specialization ; Spillover
  • The spillover effects of RandD on manufacturing industry in Taiwan's metropolitan areas
  • Agglomeration ; Industry ; Production fonction ; Research and development ; Spatial economy ; Spillover ; Taiwan ; Town
  • Migration, benefit spillovers and state support of higher education
  • Spillovers and the locational effects of public infrastructure
  • Innovation and spatial knowledge spillovers : evidence from Brazilian patent data
  • Is geographical proximity necessary for knowledge spillovers within a cooperative technological network ? The case of the French biotechnology sector