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  • Postmodernism and the localities debate : ontological questions and epistemological implications
  • Ontology, policy and the market : trends to home-ownership in Hong Kong
  • Actor network theory ; Affect ; Epistemology ; Ontology ; Phenomenology ; Philosophy
  • The paper begins with a problem, which is how to account for objects, worlds, and events outside of human consciousness or in-themselves. It answers by constructing an evental geography from the ontologies of Martin Heidegger, A. Badiou, and G
  • Biopolitics ; Geopolitics ; Information ; Knowledge ; Ontology ; Phenomenology ; Philosophy ; Policy ; Social sciences ; Space ; Technology
  • The paper argues that a wide-ranging change is occurring in the ontological preconditions of Euro-American cultures, based in reworking what and how an event is produced. This new world requires a different kind of social science, one
  • Urban ontologies for an improved communication in urban civil engineering projects
  • Economic geography ; Globalization ; Ontology ; Political geography ; Regionalization ; Spatial dynamics ; Spatial economy ; Spatial scale ; Urban area
  • Dynamique spatiale ; Echelle spatiale ; Economie spatiale ; Espace urbain ; Géographie politique ; Géographie économique ; Mondialisation ; Ontologie ; Régionalisation
  • for practically and ontologically ordering space.
  • A Web 3.0-driven Collaborative Multicriteria Spatial Decision Support System
  • Decision ; Decision aid ; Geographical information system ; Internet ; Iran ; Location choice ; Multi-criteria analysis ; Ontology ; Spatial analysis ; Tehran ; Urban infrastructure ; Urban planning
  • Aide à la décision ; Analyse multicritère ; Analyse spatiale ; Choix du site ; Décision ; Equipement urbain ; Internet ; Iran ; Ontologie ; Planification urbaine ; Système d'information géographique ; Tehrān
  • Les systèmes d’aide à la décision spatiale multicritères sont parmi les plus utilisés pour la résolution de problèmes de décision spatiale. L’utilisation de ces systèmes dans l’environnement Web 2.0 améliore la prise de décision collaborative en
  • Colonialism ; Conflict ; Contestation ; Democracy ; Domination ; Ontology ; Policy ; Space ; Theory
  • Sept articles. 1. L'espace comme mode de réflexion politique (M. Dikeç). 2. Situer les géographies de l'injustice dans une théorie de la démocratie (C. Barnett). 3. Contester l'espace ? Les fondements théologiques de la pensée spatiale de C. Schmitt
  • Ontology and the conservation of built heritage
  • The A. argues that the reification of culture by cultural geography is a fallacy and that cultural geography would be better served by following the new cultural geography to its logical conclusion: a recognition that there is no such (ontological
  • dialectical method is made possible by the discussion from an ontological point of view. - (DLO)
  • . The hauntological approach haunts persisting textual/ontological divisions, opening up new lines of inquiry.
  • This contribution aims at comparing conventional approaches, sustained by the modern cultural background, and the approaches of postmodernity. Reasoning is based on the distinction between the ontological, semiotic and epistemological levels
  • Dynamics of socio-economic evolution. Gnoseological and ontological principles are the point of departure for a classification of real systems. Types of developing processes. The specifies of demographic and geo-demographic systems provided both
  • Coalition culls and zoonotic ontologies
  • Biopolitics ; Cattle ; Cull ; Disease ; Health ; Health policy ; Ontology ; Political geography ; United Kingdom
  • Mining sacred space : law’s enactment of competing ontologies in the American West
  • , leur mise en oeuvre et les conflits qui naissent de leur application dans un tel contexte. Il explique que ces législations sont le reflet de conceptualisations de l’espace opposées fondées sur des ontologies différentes. Il conclut qu’en particulier
  • and nature. The A. argues that there are difficulties in using poststructuralist epistemologies for the analysis of environmental problems. He shows how ideas drawn from critical realism can help to recognize where ontological and epistemological issues have
  • Critical realism ; Epistemology ; Model ; Ontology ; Philosophy of sciences ; Social theory ; Structuration theory
  • The A. explores some of the roots of children's geographies preoccupation with the micro-scale and argues that it limits the relevance of research, both politically and to other areas of geography. The A. proposes that the notion of a flat ontology