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  • Heidegger, event and the ontological politics of the site
  • Concept ; Event ; Ontology ; Place ; Space ; Space time ; Theory
  • a spatial understanding of ontology as a site revealed around the assemblage of things. Through such post-human understanding of the event, it becomes possible to think spatiality, not just in accordance with the influence Heidegger’s thought could have
  • on the material understanding of spatiality, but in accordance with the rich understanding we could gain by exploring the politics of finite ontologies, the politics intrinsic for the different happenings of revealing.
  • This paper scrutinises the possibilities Martin Heidegger’s notion of ‘the event of revealing’ poses for spatial theory. It shows how his work on ‘the event’ and its ‘fourfold’ constitution (between earth, sky, mortals and divinities) affords