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  • Jamaican coffee plantations, 1780-1860 : a cartographic analysis
  • Large-scale slave plantations were the dominant producers during Jamaica's first coffee boom. The internal spatial organization and land use patterns of these plantations can be analysed cartometrically for the significant sample of plans surviving
  • Measuring changes in the ease of trade with archaeological data: an analysis of coins found at Dura Europus in Syria
  • Analyse spatiale ; Antiquité ; Archéologie ; Asie ; Cilicie ; Commerce ; Dura Europus ; Empire romain ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Moyen Orient ; Phénicie ; Pièce de monnaie ; Politique monétaire ; Siècle I-III ; Syrie ; Vie
  • Analyse spatiale de pièces de monnaie trouvées à Dura Europus, en Syrie, à l'aide d'un modèle gravitaire. On établit ainsi l'aggravation des difficultés d'échanges au cours de la période allant de 235 à 253. Les causes sont à la fois politiques et
  • An experiment in the comparative analysis of distortion on historical maps
  • Multivariate analysis of Telanthropus Capensis: implications for hominid sympatry in South Africa
  • Landownership in Edwardian England and Wales : a new source for geographical analysis
  • An analysis of data on home journey by Chinese immigrants in Canada, 1892-1915
  • Death and life of a colonial immigrant city, a demographic analysis of Philadelphia
  • Surveying multidimensional measurement in Proximity and preference. Problems in the multidimensional analysis of large data sets.
  • The analysis of burgage patterns in medieval towns
  • An analysis of the payrolls of the Point St. Charles Shops of the Grand Trunk Railway
  • An analysis of ancient Egyptian settlement patterns using location-allocation covering models
  • Cosmology as ecological analysis: a view from the rain forest
  • A critical analysis of the Northpart of America, a facsimile atlas of early Canadian maps
  • Political geographers of the past III : German geographic research in the Nazi period : a content analysis of the major geographic journals, 1925-1945
  • Context and environment in taphonomic analysis: examples from Alaska's Porcupine River caves
  • Cave sites, faunal analysis, and Big-Game Hunters of the Great Basin: a caution
  • Railroads and German economic growth. A leading sector analysis with comparison to the United States and Great Britain
  • Environment, population size and vital statistics: an analysis of demographic data from 18th century villages in the province of Reggio Emilia (Italy)
  • The paper is devoted to Gerodot's river Akes identification with one of the contemporary central-asian rivers. Analysis of written sources, geographic, archeologic and ethnographic data brings to the conclusion, that the river Akes is a prototype
  • The A. describes a rapid transition from an initial pre-industrial, to an intermediate associative, to a final corporate phase. An analysis of the history of water rights ownership and of mining enterprises on the goldfield suggests