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  • An analysis of the variability of cyclones around Antarctica and their relationship to sea-ice extent
  • Analyse harmonique ; Antarctique ; Climatologie ; Cyclone ; Dynamique de l'atmosphère ; Glace de mer ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Hémisphère sud ; Interaction glace-atmosphère ; Variabilité saisonnière ; Variabilité spatiale ; Zone froide
  • Results of an analysis of the distribution and movement of extratropical cyclones around Antarctica for the period September, 1973, through May, 1975, are presented. Variations in seasonal cyclone frequencies, their preferred longitudinal positions
  • and the spatial and temporal fluctuations in latitude and pressure are shown, and these indicate good agreement with the known features of Southern Hemisphere climatology.
  • Spatial variability of Antarctic temperature anomalies and their association with the Southern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation
  • ; Température ; Variabilité annuelle ; Variabilité spatiale ; Variation climatique ; Zone froide
  • The spatial variability of seasonal mean temperature departures at 26 stations around Antarctica, southern South America and nearly islands is shown using factor analysis.
  • Analysis of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons in Antarctic marine sediment layers
  • Pollen analysis of a late Pliocene and early Pleistocene section from the Gubik Formation of Arctic Alaska
  • A 14-m-thick section of marine and fluviatile sediments, exposed in bluff near Ocean Point on the Colville River, has been studied by means of pollen analysis. Pollen from the marine sediments, of probable late Pliocene age, suggests an environment
  • Cost analysis of modern hunting among the Inuit of the Canadian Central Arctic
  • Analysis of the political attempts to move the capital of Alaska from Juneau isolated without highway access, to the Anchorage area which now has more than half of the state's population. In the six elections over 22 years on this issue, distinct
  • Talus-derived lobate (TDL) rock glaciers follow the altitudinal trend of the equilibrium line (ELA) on contemporary glaciers, and based on an analysis of a cross-section, North Disko, it is suggested that the vertical distance between the zone
  • Pollen analysis of the 1973 ice core from Devon Island glacier, Canada
  • New insights into the vegetation history of this region are provided by calculations of pollen influx and by the use of linear discriminant analysis to separate Picea glauca and P. mariana pollen. Three major pollen zones are identified: (1) a basal
  • The paper contains remarques on the subjects of some atmospheric phenomena in the Antarctic area, which have been gained from the satellite pictures analysis. These pictures have been received and gathered in the Arctowski Station on the King George