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  • Différenciation spatiale ; Kielce ; Phytocénose ; Phytogéographie ; Pologne ; Topoclimat ; Végétation
  • Kielce ; Phytocenosis ; Phytogeography ; Poland ; Spatial differentiation ; Topoclimate ; Vegetation
  • The subject of phytoindicative analysis were plant communities in the Pinczów model area belonging to 49 phytocoenoses. The aim of the research was to describe spatial variation in the ecological requirements of vegetation in relation to soil
  • 1994
  • Analysis of the potential vegetation in a 580 km2 fragment of the Nida Syncline. The basic mapping of the area was carried out in June 1983. The topographical basis was sheet 153.4 of Pinczów, at the scale of 1:50.000. The total length of the route
  • covered on foot in the course of mapping was about 420 km. This implied around 0.7 km of route per 1 km2. The reconnaissance of spatial differentiation of the potential natural vegetation was presented in the form of 1:100.000-scale map. - (DG)
  • 1994
  • On the basis of analysis of cartographic sources, work was done on the changes in the natural environment, and especially in land use, in the period of the last 200 years. The research took in a fragment of the Nida Syncline covering 700 km2 between
  • 1994