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  • Predicting wind velocities from sand dune and draa spacings determined by Fourier analysis in Interpretation of windflow characteristics from Eolian landforms.
  • The spacing of sand dunes and draas (dune groups) is one parameter that can be used to estimate wind velocity and available wind power. Measurements of spacings can be made directly from LANDSAT imagery or aerial photography. Fourier analysis
  • of these measurements reveals the predominant spacings. Assuming that shear velocity is the dominant factor determining the wave leugth of bedforms, the spacing can be used to compute the threshold shear velocity using mathematical relationships derived by Wilson (1972
  • Grossmassstäbige Trendflächenanalysen für Merkmale der geookologischen Raumstruktur. (Large-scale analyses of trend areas for characteristics of geoecological space structures)
  • The georelief (especially of solid stone areas covered wih loose sediments and loose materials) as well as features of geoecological space structures (plant-sociological multitude of species, formation of biomass and yield) may be modelled as trend
  • Vegetation communities and the empty pore space of soils as indicators of catchment hydrology
  • A study of space variations of precipitation by factor analysis
  • Population regionals a perspective in geographic space of India in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • The paper considers some possibilities of the mountains' morphostructural analysis on the basis of space data. Regional examples of space photoes interpretation are given, folds, blocks and volcanic structures were identified within Pacific
  • and Mediterranean belts. The examples testify to the scientific and technological efficiency of the remote sensing application to geotectural and morphostructural studies of lineaments, linear and isometric structures on various scales. Space morphostructural
  • Variation in the time and space of leaf area index in a Zambesian open forest of wetter Miombo type (Lubumbashi, Zaïre)
  • On the characterization of Belgian soils in Land qualities in space and time.
  • Dynamic plant ecology: the spectrum of vegetational change in space and time
  • Space-time quantification of rainfall inputs for hydrological transport models
  • Bed forms and bend-arc spacings of some coarse bedload channels in upland Britain
  • Antarctic circumpolar current: space and time fluctuations in the Drake Passage
  • Some comparisons of flood statistics in real and log space
  • Dust storms in space and time
  • This paper presents an integrated overview of measurement and computing methods for estimating natural evaporation from communities ranging from agricultural to forested lands and the adequacy of the methods in terms of space scale and time scale.
  • A series of laboratory flume experiments shows that flow resistance rises to, and falls from, a peak value as the longitudinal spacing of pebble clusters decreases, in a manner similar to that shown by others for strip roughness, isolated blocks
  • , and simulated ripples and dunes. The experiments also reveal a strong inverse relationship between bedload flux rates and the flow resistance induced by the concentration of pebble clusters. It is concluded that pebblo cluster spacing tends towards
  • The distribution in space of local rainfall in the Namib desert
  • The simulation of space-dependent data in geology in Future trends in geomathematics.
  • Volcanoes in space and time