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  • The Mexican food System (SAM) a strategy for sowing petroleum
  • The Mexican Food System (SAM) sowing subsidies, reaping apathy
  • In arid conditions of Yemen Arab Republic the A. recommends sowing of grain sorghum no more than 50-60 thousand of plants on 1 ha. Coefficient of water consumption under reduction of sowing norm is decreasing on 36,5 %, but the yielding
  • Sow what you know : the struggle for social reproduction in rural Sudan
  • Creative People and Gentrification : Sowing the Seeds of Demise ? Evidence from Newtown, Sydney
  • Models for the time between sowing and reproductive maturity are used to examine the suitability of six legume cover crops for farming systems in the mid-hills region of Nepal. There was substantial variability in maturity dates resulting from
  • genotype, site, elevation, and sowing dates. Four of the spacies were best sown in autumn and two were suitable only at lower elevations. - (SLD)
  • With reference to winter wheat the results are presented from calculations of the length of the sowing-sprouting period and from numerical experiments on investigation of the effects of temperature conditions and the regime of soil moistening
  • regions of the country and the consequent economic tension sow the seeds of ethnic conflicts. - (AM)