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  • Agro-environmental analogues for jojoba production in South Africa
  • Agronomics;Agronomy ; Crop ; Cultural capacity ; Farm production ; South Africa
  • South African environmental analogues are identified for jojoba (Simmondsia chinesia). Comparisons are presented with the areas of origin in North America to identify suitable production areas in South Africa. - (AJC)
  • Cairn trail shrines in Middle and South America
  • Central America ; Communication network ; Cultural studies ; Historical geography ; Latin America ; Mountain ; South America
  • Stone piles have occurred in several parts of Latin America since pre-Columbian times, typically located at mountain passes and crossroads. Their functions are often the same in widely separated areas. - (DWG)
  • The southern cone, realities of the authoritarian state in South America.
  • An analysis of the seemingly anomalous persistence of military dominance in governments of the southern end of South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. (DOH).
  • Quaternary of South America Antarctic peninsula. Volume 1.
  • First volume of an annual scientific publication related to the problems of the Quaternary of South America with a strong emphasis in the paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic approach. The various papers are reviewed separately.
  • Natural hazards and forest resources in the Andes of South-Central Chile in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • Geography of America
  • Pre-Andean orogenenies of southern South America in the context of Gondwana in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • The SW decrease in age of the South American pre-Andean orogenies suggests a revision of the relative positions of South America and West Antarctica within Gondwana.
  • South Carolina : a geography.
  • Agriculture ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Géographie historique ; Géographie physique ; Géographie régionale ; Géographie économique ; Industrie ; Paysage ; Peuplement ; Population ; Pêcherie ; South Carolina ; Urbanisation
  • Geography of America
  • The state of South Carolina in its physical settings, evolution of settlement landscapes, and present patterns of population, urbanization, agriculture, fisheries, commerce, and industry. - (DWG)
  • Geopolitics, cartography and the state in South America
  • Argentina ; Brazil ; Cartographical display ; Foreign policy ; Geopolitics ; International relations ; Political geography ; Power ; Security ; South America ; Sphere of influence
  • Some neglected elements about South American geopolitics are explored in terms of linking this geopolitical field to a critical discussion of cartography, geography and the development of the state of South America. The role and contribution
  • América Austral : los países del Plata
  • Argentina ; Paraguay ; Regional geography ; South America ; Uruguay
  • The ecology of hazardousness, the experience of South America in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • Geography of America
  • The Changing shoreline of Surinam, South America
  • Geography of America
  • The adversity of Brazilian drought in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • Geography of America
  • Natural hazards in South America: in search of a method and a theory in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • Astronomical forcing of contrasting rainfall changes in tropical South America between 12,400 and 8800 cal yr B.P.
  • Amazon Basin ; Atmospheric dynamics ; Bolivia ; Lake level ; Palaeoclimatology ; Palynology ; Pollen diagram ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variation ; South America ; Summer ; Tropical zone
  • Today, precipitation over tropical South America is largelly controlled by the seasonal movements of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). In this paper, the AA. reconstruct the rainfall regimes from 2 sedimentary records in South America
  • that exhibit contrasting characteristics (southeastern Amazonia and the northern part of the Bolivian Altiplano). The paleoclimatic reconstructions are compared with present-day climatic conditions in the 2 regions and with other tropical South American records
  • Diet and habitat of toxodont megaherbivores (Mammalia, Notoungulata) from the late Quaternary of South and Central America
  • Argentina ; Bolivia ; Brazil ; Central America ; Diet ; Habitat ; Holocene ; Honduras ; Isotope analysis ; Mammal ; Palaeo-ecology ; Palaeontology ; Peru ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; South America
  • These toxodont megaherbivores were endemic to South and Central America during the late Quaternary. Isotopic signatures of 47 toxodont teeth were analysed to reconstruct diet and ancient habitat. Tooth enamel carbon isotope data from 6 regions
  • of South and Central America indicate significant differences in toxodont diet and local vegetation during the late Quaternary.
  • Planning for urban growth in the old South in Planning and the environment in the modern world.
  • Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Siècle XIX ; South Atlantic states ; Urbanisation ; Urbanisme
  • Geography of America
  • Carl C. zon Caldenius and the Swedish work on Quaternary geology in Argentina in Quaternary of South America Antarctic peninsula. Volume 1.
  • Ruralization rate and migration balance under core/periphery conditions the Israeli case in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • Climatic zonality and recent sedimentation on the Atlantic shelf of South America