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  • Carte bathymétrique ; Faille ; Fond sous-marin ; Géomorphologie sous-marine ; Géotechnique ; Hydrocarbure ; Mouvement de masse ; Ressource naturelle ; Risque naturel
  • This paper reviews some of the methods for assessing sea floor geomorphology for engineering sites and considers the capabilities of some of the recently developed investigation technology. Some of the main sea floor processes which can affect
  • 1999
  • Alpes ; Aménagement fluvial ; Capacité de charge ; Concept ; Cours d'eau ; Crue ; Développement durable ; Ecosystème ; Erosion des berges ; France ; Géomorphologie appliquée ; Risque naturel
  • Alps (The) ; Applied geomorphology ; Bank erosion ; Carrying capacity ; Concept ; Ecosystem ; Flood ; France ; Natural hazards ; River management ; Stream ; Sustainable development
  • French rivers have been transformed by centuries of development to satisfy various social demands such as navigation, hydro-electric power production, flood control, or checking erosion. These modifications have led to impacts that are detrimental
  • long-term management strategies is of the highest importance. The principles of engineering geomorphology are developed here.
  • 1999
  • Gestion de l'environnement ; Géomorphologie appliquée ; Géotechnique ; Pays en développement ; Plaine d'inondation ; Planification urbaine ; Risque naturel ; Subsidence ; Urbanisation ; Zone intertropicale
  • Applied geomorphology ; Developing countries ; Environmental management ; Floodplain ; Geotechnics ; Natural hazards ; Subsidence ; Tropical zone ; Urban planning ; Urbanization
  • The AA. examine the range of these cities developed in the tropics with reference to 1) their site-related problems, 2) the nature of geomorphological information required for specific ameliorating actions, and 3) the level of management required
  • 1999
  • Major developments in the contribution of geomorphology to engineering and environmental management have taken place over the past ten years in the United Kingdom, particularly in the coastal and fluvial spheres. This paper is not focused
  • 1999
  • better engineering solutions to prospective and resulting problems. Several aspects of the considerations involved are illustrated by examples from the town Eilat, Southern Negev Desert, Israel, a dynamically developing international tourist resort.
  • 1999
  • The primary goal of this paper is to offer a standard yet flexible approach to karst environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and to show how geomorphological methods can be used to develop more comprehensive and quantifiable EIAs in karst areas
  • 1999