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  • Dynamics of periglacial sorted circles in western Spitsbergen
  • Arctique ; Cryopédologie ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphodynamique ; Périglaciaire ; Sorted circle ; Spitsbergen ; Svalbard ; Zone froide
  • Observations of sorted patterned ground features, High Valley/Tangle Lakes region, Central Alaska, U.S.A. in Periglacial processes and landforms.
  • These features have been studied since 1981, and since 1982 sorted circles at six patterned ground sites in High Valley have been monitored to determine their degree of activity.
  • The N-factor of nonsorted circles along a climate gradient in Arctic Alaska
  • The AA. examine the insulative effect of different vegetation types on soil-surface temperatures and thaw depths at a micro-scale, distinguishing between small-scale patterned ground features (non-sorted circles) and the surrounding well-vegetated
  • Observations on sorted circle development, Abisko, Northern Sweden
  • Annually re-forming miniature sorted patterned ground in the high Drakensberg, Southern Africa
  • An analysis of miniature sorted circles and polygons provides the first detailed assessment of sorted patterned ground from a southern African alpine region. Pattern dimensions and particle sorting were determined from 2 sites in the high
  • Drakensberg. Although the sorted patterns in the high Drakensberg are somewhat polygenetic in developmental origin, they are primarily frost-induced. The development of miniature sorted patterns within 5 to 6 weeks demonstrates the effect of regular freeze
  • Near-surface soil displacement in sorted circles, Resolute area, Cornwallis Island, Canadian High Arctic
  • The difference between sorted circle and polygon morphology and their distribution in two alpine areas, northern Sweden
  • The following patterning of the ground surface was observed in the Bellsund region: sorted circles, mud boils, cell forms, solifluction (striped) forms and large polygons (tundra polygons). The soils associated with these forms often have different
  • Coming full circle: physical geography in the twentieth century
  • Influences of map context on circle perception
  • . Sorted circles and sorted nets showed significant changes in soil pH across the chronosequences. All glacier forelands showed a higher soil pH with depth in patterned ground features. The importance of microsite variability and associated disturbance
  • To elucidate the effects of modelling scale and data source in distribution modelling, 2 periglacial features with differing physical requirements, sorted circles and solifluction lobes, were analysed on western Svalbard. For the comparison
  • effects of the environmental variables on the distribution of sorted circles and solifluction lobes in a High Arctic landscape. Methodologically, novel statistical techniques and earth observation data provided an efficient combination for analysing
  • Thermal regime through a sorted circle and stone-banked lobe, Drakensberg, southern Africa
  • prove that there is a dose relationship between the low snow cover and occurrence of sorted circles and that the distribution of peat hummocks has not any connection with snow cover. Relationship between solifluction lobes and ploughing blocks and snow
  • Investigations carried out in 1977/1978 on ice-free shores of Admiralty Bay. Effects of intensive frost weathering and structures of frost segregation, such as stone polygons, sorted circles, small stone stripes, gelifluction lobes have been
  • Particle size distributions within nonsorted stony earth circles, Colorado
  • This study evaluates 2 models (frost heave and deflation) for the formation of nonsorted stony earth circles in 2 populations of circles on Niwot Ridge, Colorado, by examination of the coarse particle and silt distributions within the circles using
  • principal components, cluster, and discriminant analyses. Data generated in this study do not support the idea that circles within a small region necessarily result from the same process.
  • are described : a high-latitude assemblage comprising features interpreted to be sorted clastic stripes, circles and polygons, non-sorted polygonally patterned ground, fluvial gullies, and solifluction lobes; a mid-latitude assemblage comprising gullies
  • Antarctic Circle crossed by large cruise vessel
  • Standard deviational ellipse is not at all an ellipse. The main focus of the paper is to clarify mathematically the actual shape of this curve and to discuss its applications in spatial analysis. This shape changes from a single circle to double
  • circles when the distribution of the set of geographical units changes from an even condition to a straight line.
  • The charmed circle : von Thünen and agriculture around nineteenth century London