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  • Some sociological aspects of Istrian tourism
  • Urban sociology
  • Ruralszociologiai kérdojelek. (Rural sociological question marks)
  • The subject of rural sociology is reviewed in the light of the 9th European Rural Sociological Congress in Helsinki in 1981. The future of rural areas is generally considered gloomy or at least problematic. In this respect, the retaining capacities
  • The sociology of Southeast Asia : transformations in a developing region
  • Anthropology ; Asia ; Ethnic community ; Geopolitics ; Modernization ; Political economy ; Social change ; Society ; Sociology ; South-Eastern Asia ; Tradition ; Underdevelopment
  • The book aims to provide to students a general view on the sociological aspects of Southeast Asian countries. Over the last thirty years many and rapid changes took place in the area. Traditional societies followed the pace of modernization. While
  • and economic players. The work is divided in 11 chapters : 1 - The Sociology of a Diverse Region, 2 - The Sociological Context, 3 - Modernization and Post-War Social Change, 4 - Underdevelopment and Dependency, 5 - Social Class, the State and Political Economy
  • Economic sociologies in space
  • Capitalism ; Economic geography ; Market ; Sociology
  • Sociology of work, human right studies, post-structural human geography, spacial studies, food chain analysis.
  • The challenge of agricultural mechanisation to rural sociology
  • Urban sociology in an urbanized society.
  • Urban sociology: critical essays
  • Agricultural economics and rural sociology. Multilingual thesaurus. 2. English edition.
  • This article présents and criticizes the main theoretical approaches which dominated the sociology of leisure since it established its autonomy from the sociology of work. (Ed.).
  • Geomorphological sociology
  • Urban sociology in Brazil : a research report
  • The Problems of Mexico: An Analysis of a Sociological Discourse
  • Discourse ; Mexico ; Research ; Scientific publication ; Social geography ; Sociology ; discourse analysis ; journals ; social problems ; sociology
  • Based on an empirical analysis of articles published between 1987 and 2006 in three major Mexican sociological journals, this article traces the continuities and discontinuities in the study of the alleged malfunctioning of Mexican society
  • Demography ; Methodology ; Sociology ; Spain ; Survey
  • Non-Weberian political sociology: the politics of collective consumption
  • Sociologizing the geographical imagination: spatial concepts in the world-system perspective
  • Plant sociology and ecology applied to grazing lands research, survey and management in the mediterranean basin
  • A demographic analysis of East Africa. A sociological interpretation.
  • The development of settlement structure in the Hungarian village: with special emphasis on the small village settlement in Hungarian society and marxist sociology in the nineteen seventies.