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  • A fractal model of HIV transmission on complex sociogeographic networks : towards analysis of large data sets
  • A paradigm of HIV transmission along very large « sociogeographic » networks - spatially focused nets of social interaction - is extended to include fractal structures upon which a metric of « sociogeographic » distance can be defined.
  • The politics of Chile: a sociogeographical assessment.
  • sociogeographical, economic-geographical and physical appearance of the settlements. - (IKR)
  • The spatiotemporal dynamics of AIDS and TB in the New York metropolitan region from a sociogeographic perspective: understanding the linkages of central city and suburbs
  • Inner-city disease and the public health of the suburbs: the sociogeographic dispersion of point-source infection
  • AIDS deaths in the Bronx 1983-1988 : spatiotemporal analysis from a sociogeographic perspective
  • were constructed. The sociogeographic characteristics were used as independent variables. - (MS)
  • Marginalization, information, and infection : risk behavior correlation in ghettoized sociogeographic networks and the spread of disease to majority populations