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  • Dry and wet years in the Near-East - Relationship with regional atmospheric circulation. Rainfall in the Near-East (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel) is characterized by a strong variability at inter-annual and monthly time scales. Three regional
  • units of co-variation are defined using monthly data for 116 stations on the period 1960-90. The relationship between the exceptionally wet and dry months and atmospheric circulation (NCEP-NCAR reanalyses) is analysed. Rainfall in the three regions
  • The paper presents the original method for assessment the relationships between weather conditions vs. morbidity and mortality. The case of Warsaw population is studied. - (BJ)
  • In the Ngaoundéré urban city of northern Cameroon, an effort to establish a relationship between climate and health is rendered complex since the population who is cosmopolite does not have easy access to modern health structures and very often uses
  • By frequency analysis we found some lows of probalities having regional character in the Depression of Transylvania : Log-Pearson III for monthly 24th max., Gumbel for annual 24h max. and Weibull for rain intensity. The suggested relationships
  • The paper presents the results of meteorological and clinical research dealing with infarct hospital admissions in Warsaw. Significant relationships were found. - (BJ)