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  • Einhundertfünfzig Jahre Royal Geographical Society. (150 ans de la Royal Geographical Society)
  • (1830-1980) ; Histoire de la géographie ; Royal Geographical Society ; Royaume-Uni
  • Information and the transformation of society.
  • American Society for Information Science. Washington, Etats-Unis
  • Geography and socio-political transition : challenges and opportunities for professional and scientific societies in South Africa
  • Geographical association ; Organization ; Political reform ; Practice of geography ; Social change ; Society ; South Africa
  • The role of professional and scientific societies in the transformation of South African society are outlined. The specific challenges to the geographical community are then examined to offer a role for the new unified South African Society
  • Carl Ritter und die Royal Geographical Society. (Carl Ritter et la Royal Geographical Society)
  • Correspondance ; Histoire de la géographie ; Ritter (Carl) ; Royal Geographical Society
  • L'article traite de la correspondance de Carl Ritter avec la Royal Geographical Society. Cette correspondance a été conservée, et la connaissance de ses parties essentielles contribuera à approfondir l'image que l'on a conçue de Ritter. (HL).
  • The geographer and society
  • From apartheid to integration: a role for the Society of South African Geographers
  • The development of geography societies in South Africa is outlined and the programme of the newly unified society is laid out. - (AJC)
  • The ocean after Christopher Columbus―Thoughts about society and the marine environment
  • Marine ecosystem ; Marine environment ; Navigation ; Ocean ; Resource management ; Sea exploitation;Ocean management ; Society-environment relationship
  • The A. studies the evolution of the involvement of society in the marine environment.
  • The early history of the Hakluyt Society 1847-1923
  • Suburbs in non western societies
  • Credit and share-cropping in agrarian societies
  • Fertility, society, and food in India in Rural development.
  • Health and disease in tribal societies.
  • Non-capitalist relations of production in capitalist society: the hammesat in Southern Tunisia
  • The village community of the Dourou society in North Cameroun
  • The Urban transition: comparative studies of newly industrializing societies
  • The Future of social or non-profit housing in a changing society
  • The Berlin Geographical society (1828-1978)
  • Moroccan economy and society: a bibliography of works in English
  • Of cities and societies: a geographer's viewpoint
  • The edge of the forest: land, childhood and change in a New Guinea protoagricultural society