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  • Groundwater use for snow melting on the road
  • Inventory of perennial snow patches in Central Japan in Methods and mapping.
  • Distribution of snow accumulation observed in a small plain
  • Snow survey from meteorological satellite images in the Qilian Mountain Basin in northwest China
  • Indian Summer monsoon and Eurasian snow cover in Western Himalaya : environment, problems and development. Volume 1. Environment.
  • Precipitating snow clouds during winter monsoon seasons influenced by topography of the Shakotan Peninsula, Hokkaido Island, Japan (SHAROP)
  • An apparent relationship between Eurasian snow cover and Indian monsoon rainfall
  • One of the impressive grandeurs of the Himalayas is its vegetable cover. While the snow dominates the highest elevations, the stupendous steep slopes of the breastwork of lesser Himalayas clad in their sylvan beauty of conifers like pines, proclaim
  • The eight landscape units comprising the cirque are differentiated from each other primarily by the effects of snow depth. - (DWG)
  • Seasonal streamflow estimation in the Himalayan region employing meteorological satellite snow cover observations
  • Analyses of monthly pressure changes in India-Pakistan and the high pressure of the West Pacific, the surface temperature of the Pacific, and the snow cover of the Qinhai-Xizhang Plateau provide the bases for the conclusions that low temperatures