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  • Dissolution and preservation of Antarctic diatoms and the effect on sediment thanatocoenoses
  • The influence of bedrock mineralogy, texture, porosity and structure on microfracturing and subsequent bedrock disintegration is discussed. Preservation of periglacial features beneath glacial ice is suggested. Other factors influencing both
  • the development and preservation of weathering forms including tors and weathering pits are summarized.
  • in the Alexandra Fjord-Cape Herschel area of east-central Ellesmere Island. Particular emphasis is placed on the influence of bedrock, lithology and mineralogy on the intensity of physical disintegration under cold arid conditions. Preservation of certain remnant
  • of northern Canada. Only few ice generated features in modern depositional shorelines are likely to be preserved in ancient shoreline sequences.
  • In Antarctica, many of the rift grabens have been preserved by covering ice. Some have been sufficiently well studied by geophysical methods to be recognised at three different crustal levels i. e., the bedrock surface, the surface of solid crust