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  • Agriculture and forestry are interdependant. The planting of trees in shelter belts and plantations can ameliorate the climate by reducing the effect of dessicating winds, so improving the soil and crop yields. (EMS).
  • The coastal dunes on the western coast of Hainan Island are influenced by factors such as onshore winds, sand sources, coastal slopes, rivers, and forest shelter belts. The source of the sand that supplements these dunes, particularly influences
  • the development pattern. The presence or absence of forest shelter belts also influences deposition and dune development patterns and transformation of dune forms. Coastal dunes and inland desert dunes experience similar dynamic processes, but the former have more
  • Erosion control effectiveness of forest belts
  • Erosion control ; Forest ; Shelter belt ; Soil conservation ; Soil erosion ; Water erosion
  • Arid land ; Asian part of USSR ; Forestry ; Geosystem ; Kazakhstan ; Land use ; Shelter belt
  • The aim of this work is to determine the silicophytolith content in Typical Argiudolls of the Pampean Plain, its relation with vegetal cover and its effect on pedogenesis. The AA. worked in 3 plots with different vegetal cover : grasses and shelter
  • -belt plantations of acacia and eucalyptus. In the study area, morphological characterization and particle size distribution analysis of soils were completed, and pH and organic matter content were determined. Afforestation over the past 50 years does
  • Asian part of Russia ; Cultivated surface ; Nature conservation ; Rural planning ; Shelter belt ; Snow ; West Siberia ; Wind
  • Forest ; Shelter belt ; Soil ; Soil moisture;Soil water ; Water cycle;Water circulation
  • Agropedology ; Biogeochemical cycle ; Caucasus ; Crop yield ; Erosion control ; European part of USSR ; Farming system ; Rural planning ; Shelter belt ; Slopes ; Soil erosion ; Soil moisture;Soil water ; Water cycle;Water circulation
  • selected, all located within the territory of the Novosil experimental station (the Orel Region, central European Russia). One slope in each pair undergone creation of artificial terraces with forest shelter belts located parallel to topography contour
  • lines. Results and discussion. Net erosion rates obtained for slopes with forest belts should be regarded as overestimation. Nevertheless, it can be generally concluded that the multi-technical approach has allowed acquiring much more detailed
  • Change in the corn belt
  • Années 1920-1980 ; Corn belt ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Illinois ; Indiana ; Iowa ; Ohio ; Paysage rural ; Plante cultivée ; Région agricole ; Structure agraire ; Technique agricole
  • Green belts : the end of an era ?
  • Metamorphism and metamorphic belts.
  • The sun belt-snow belt: a case of sloppy regionalizing
  • Bien-être ; Croissance démographique ; Economie ; Economie régionale ; Emploi ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Régionalisation ; Snow Belt ; Sun Belt
  • Dans le vocabulaire courant, aux Etats-Unis, la Snow-Belt et la Sun Belt correspondent à des régions. Ces expressions synthétisent le climat économique: bien-être, évolution démographique. Or la distinction faite est plus nuancée| en utilisant
  • plusieurs méthodes de régionalisation, à partir de variables économiques, les AA. concluent à une Sun Belt hétérogène. D'autre part, la Snow-Belt correspond mieux au noyau économique traditionnel du pays, les régions industrielles traditionnelles qu'à
  • l'opposé économique de la Sun Belt. (Cch).
  • A playground for whom? Informal recreation in London's green belt
  • The Niagara fruit belt: The Ontario municipal board decision of 1981
  • A Situation report on green belts in Scotland
  • Soil formation and soils of the Mediterranean coastal belt of Libya
  • Development of rice cultivation in beech forest belt, Japan.
  • Explaining and interpreting ideological effects : a rhetorical approach to green belts
  • England ; Environment conservation ; Green belt ; Ideology ; United Kingdom
  • Partant de la « rhétorique de la rationalité partielle », propre au discours politique, les AA. passent au crible un discours sur les green belts. Ils en analysent les effets idéologiques comme leviers de compréhension des participants.