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  • Mountains ; Sheep Mountain Bog ; Tardiglaciaire ; Tephra ; Tourbière ; Téphrochronologie
  • At Sheep Mountain Bog, near Missoula, Montana a late-glacial tephra, that probably fell in late summer, is preserved in lake deposits. Sediment surrunding the ash was 14C dated to about 11,200 yr B.P. Electron-microprobe analyses of the volcanic
  • C 14 dating ; Geochemistry ; Geochronology ; Lacustrine sediment ; Montana ; Peat bog ; Stratigraphy ; Tephrochronology ; United States ; Washington State
  • Etude par microsonde électronique des couches de tephra de la tourbière basse du lac Williams, du lac Wildcat et de l'East Wenatchee, de l'état de Washington, et du bassin de Kearns, de la passe de Lost Trail, du marais de Sheep Mountain et l'étang
  • Phytogeographical originality and conservation of peat bogs of Pays de Bitche (Northern Vosges Mountains, France)
  • A Neolithic yew bow in the Polish Carpathians : evidence of the impact of human activity on mountainous palaeoenvironment from the Kamiennik landslide peat bog
  • Artifact ; C 14 dating ; Carpathian Mountains ; Flysch ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Landslide ; Mountain ; Neolithic ; Palaeo-environment ; Peat bog ; Poland
  • A unique artefact, the fragment of a bow made of yew wood, indicating the hunting activity of prehistoric man, was found within the sediments of the landslide peat bog (at the depth of 330 cm) formed on the Mt. Kamiennik (Polish Flysch Carpathians
  • Soil carbon and nitrogen across wetland types in discontinuous permafrost zone of the Xiao Xing'an Mountains, northeastern China
  • Biogeochemistry ; Carbon ; China ; Climatic change ; Climatic warming ; Humid environment ; Mountain ; Nitrogen ; North-Eastern China ; Peat bog ; Permafrost ; Soil properties ; Vegetation
  • In this study, the AA. collected soil samples from different wetlands in the discontinuous permafrost zone of the Xiao Xing'an Mountains, northeastern China. Permafrost was only present in the bogs and fens in this zone. Soil C concentrations were
  • processes under future global warming scenarios. However, the soil C storage and total N storage were not significantly difference in the upper soil layer for the wetlands types. The vegetation changing of bogs and fens would increase the depth
  • Alberta ; Canada ; Etage alpin ; Géographie physique ; Holocène ; Jasper National Park ; Maligne Range ; Montagne ; Phytogéographie ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Rocky Mountains ; Végétation
  • Pollen, macrofossil (logs and needles), and oxygen-isotope data from tree-rings are presented for three alpine bog sites in the Maligne Range of the Canadian Rockies.
  • Climatic and anthropogenic influences on radial growth of scots pine at Hanvedsmossen, a raised peat bog, in south central Sweden
  • Dendrochronology ; Dendrology ; Drainage ; Human impact ; Palaeobiogeography ; Palaeoclimate ; Peat bog ; Sweden
  • Past studies of the climatic influence on tree growth at peat bogs in northern latitudes have shown weak correlation between annual tree-ring widths and climatic parameters during the growing season. At Handvedsmossen, a raised peat bog in south
  • central Sweden, tree-ring width chronologies from one drained and one undrained growth site, as well as one dry site outside the bog, were compared to meteorological records.
  • Biodiversity ; Biogeography ; Bog ; Classification ; Concept ; Ecosystem ; Humid environment ; Land development ; Middle mountain ; Nature conservation ; Peat bog ; Perception ; Plain ; Resource management
  • The importance of topographic factors on the distribution of bog and heath in a Newfoundland blanket bog complex
  • Canada ; Ecosystem ; Geographical information system ; Humid environment ; Newfoundland ; Numerical model ; Peat bog ; Photogrammetry ; Quantitative analysis ; Soil water ; Topography
  • Three blanket bog sites on the southeastern lobe of the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland, were studied. Terrain shape characteristics such as slope, plan and profile curvature, and upslope catchment area were derived from digital elevation models
  • of surface and mineral substrate, and analysed using Partition d'un Ensemble Géographique pour l'Analyse Spatiale Ecologique (PEGASE). Although lower elevations were more favourable for bog development, bog communities persisted in upper elevations in areas
  • Wilting moisture of plants on two-component mixtures of bog-podzolic soils
  • A hazai tozeglapok (tozegek) osztalyozasa. (The classification of local peat-bogs peats)
  • The classification serves both the protection and the various utilization of peat-bogs all the more unless top urgent steps are taken in 30-50years they disappear in Hungary. (CK).
  • Mineralogy of Holocene bog-iron ore in northern Belgium
  • Goethite, siderite, ferrihydrite, oxidized blue vivianite and a practically X-ray amorphous oxidation product of vivianite were identified as the dominant iron components of the bog-iron ores.
  • Bog ; Burundi ; Cereal ; Mountain farming ; Rice cultivation
  • Human impact ; Mountain ; Palynology ; Peat bog ; Pollen analysis ; Portugal ; Quaternary
  • A well preserved pine trunk, 3-4m long and 0,3m thick, sticking out of a bog situated about 1010m above sea-level, in the now almost treeless area above Nysetra on the Dovre plateau, has been dated at 8240100years B. P. This great age corresponds
  • well with the results obtained from other regions in Norway and also the Sylarna-Ovik mountains in Sweden, showing that pine reached its highest post-Weichselian altitude and widest distribution just before 8000 B. P. (IMB).
  • Gemmules of five species of freshwater sponge found in deposits at Cedar Mountain bog in the southeaster Puget Lowland were used to infer that during the late-glacial period the water was calcareous, was not deficient in SiO, was aerobic, and had
  • Climatic warming ; Honshu ; Japan ; Monsoon ; Mountain ; Nivation hollow ; Palaeoclimatology ; Peat bog ; Wind speed ; Winter
  • Alluvium ; C 14 dating ; Holocene ; Ireland ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeovalley ; Peat bog ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy
  • This paper describes a recently exposed cross section of a small valley buried beneath blanket peat on the upper slopes of the Liffey valley in the Wicklow Mountains, eastern Ireland, and examines its significance to the understanding of early
  • Climate fluctuation ; Eastern Europe ; Europe ; Holocene ; Mountain ; Palynology ; Peat bog ; Postglacial ; Tatra Mountains ; Tree line ; Vegetation
  • Dissolved organic carbon dynamics in a restored peat bog in Northwest Germany
  • The article deals with terms of peat decomposition, bog restoration, UV-Vis spectroscopy, restoration success, humic acid and fulvic acid fraction. The study was carried out in the Pietzmoor in Northwest Germany. - (IfL)