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  • Településfejlesztès, településpolitika.. (Settlement development, settlement policy)
  • A new area begun in settlement development in Hungary. A strong criticism is directed to the previous practice of settlement policy. The present situation in Hungarian settlements is outlined, the institutions and strategies of settlement policy
  • Settlement and settlement-network development policy in Hungary during the state socialism
  • Government policy ; Hungary ; Settlement ; Settlement history ; Settlement system ; Urban network
  • During the years of state socialism (1948-1989) the direct influence of the communist party was felt on the settlement and regional development policy. The settlement policy of this period was large town oriented, and the majority of the village
  • The changing pattern of rural settlement in the densely-settled region of Igboland, Nigeria
  • Settlement myth and settlement activity: interrelationships in the Zionist land of Israel
  • Environment ; Frontier ; Ideology ; Israel ; Myth ; Political geography ; Security ; Settlement ; Zionism
  • Settlement frontiers may bring about the production of political settlement myths leading future settlers to frontier settlements. Such myths may develop through three phases of geographical interpretation. These phases are expressed in various
  • outlets of the collective memory and civil religion. Zionist myths may be interpreted as dealing with environmental struggles, social development and security. They are interelated with several chains of local or regional settlement processes and events.
  • Industristedenes plass i Norges Bosetningsmonster.. (The role of industrial settlements in the settlement pattern of Norway)
  • Characteristic features of the development of industrial settlements in Norway since 1950 are described on the basis of census data. Changes in population, working population and industrial population are studies with reference to regional
  • variations and industrial settlements types. Particularly attention is given to the changing fortunes of one-sided industrial settlements. The role of industrial settlements in the total settlement pattern is evaluated, and the empirical findings of the study
  • are confronted with policy formulations about regional policies and settlement policy. (IMB).
  • On a new approach to the theory of settlement systems
  • Entropy ; Settlement ; Settlement system ; System dynamics ; Theory ; Urban system
  • The present discourse demonstrates the thoughts related to the possibilities and consequences of an adaptation for the geographic settlement systems research of the methodological approaches and concepts taken from natural sciences, especially
  • Development and position of Teplice in the settlement system
  • Bohemia ; Czech Republic ; Regional development ; Settlement ; Settlement system ; Urban development ; Urban population
  • The long-term population development of the agglomeration. Its position in the settlement hierarchy in the Northwestern Bohemia. The perspectives of Teplice development in the recent settlement system. - (MS)
  • Szolnok megye falusi településeinek tipusai. (Rural settlement types of Szolnok county. A study of processes affecting settlement development with the help of factor and cluster analysis)
  • According to our observations the development of the Hungarian settlement network took a new trend in the 1970's, today network patterns dominate in settlement development. (CK).
  • Skiing grounds and ski settlements in Japan
  • The author presents a topology of Japanese ski settlements through analysis of their origins and the processes of their transformation. The first group is composed of the settlements developed from existing settlements, the second group
  • of settlements newly developed. (SGA).
  • Settlement and land alienation in Western Australia : the shire of Denmark
  • Australia ; Colonization ; Farm ; Historical geography ; Land ; Pioneer fringe ; Settlement ; Western Australia
  • Settlements started near the main rivers before World War I and accelerated with Group Settlements of the 1920s. However many Group settlers abandoned their land before 1940. The rate of persistence of families on each block varied considerably
  • . Geographical expansion of holdings among successive generations of founding families reflects more general processes. Settlers have gradually created a continuously settled landscape in this once densely forested area.
  • Rural settlements
  • The Dutch settlement systems in The national settlement systems. Vol. III, Topical and national reports.
  • The author examines in general the composition of the settlement system in relation to urbanization of the country. With regard to the dynamic aspects of the settlement system, the analysis is limited largely to migration movements. The last section
  • deals with policy and settlement proposals for future development as set forth in the Report on Urbanization published by the Dutch Government. (AGD).
  • International Geographical Union. (IGU). Commission on national settlements systems, International
  • Restructuring of rural settlement in Rumania
  • Rural settlements in the prairie region of Canada
  • Recurrent patterns in traditional Afghan settlements
  • Rural Settlements
  • Planned Bedouin settlement in Israel: the reply
  • Slovakia's settlement towards the end of the middle Ages
  • An analyse of the state of Slovakia settlement in the late Middle Ages, particularly from 1511 to 1530, with 1 map supplement. Urban settlements and the Wallachian colonisation. - (MS)
  • Certain aspects of transformation of settlement in mountainous areas in Population and settlement structure. Analytical and policy approaches.
  • Main features, trends and problems of human settlement in the USSR in Population and settlement structure. Analytical and policy approaches.