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  • Adaptation ; Central America ; Cultural geography ; Historical geography ; Human ecology ; Mexico ; Migration ; Research ; Settlement history ; Traditional agriculture ; Yucatan
  • In the 1980s geographers have contributed to studies of prehispanic agriculture and settlement, and colonial population and settlement. Other themes that have engaged geographers are subsistence ecology, migration, and the impact of war on Indians
  • Aborigines ; Amazonas ; Amerindians ; Brazil ; Cultural geography ; Frontier region ; Peasantry ; Peru ; Settlement ; South America ; Subsistence agriculture;Subsistence farming ; Traditional agriculture ; Tropical rain forest ; Village
  • Geographic research on aboriginal and peasant cultures has focused on Indian subsistence, peasant riverine villagers, and frontier settlement. Although geographers have made important contributions, they have written less about rainforest
  • Recent work on Latin American agriculture and ranching has focused on the settlement frontier and on smallholders in the Caribbean and their integration into national economies. With the notable exception of sugar, modern crop production for export
  • Central America ; Colonization ; Demographic structure ; Demography ; Guatemala ; Historical demography ; Population density ; Population distribution ; Settlement history