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  • Rural Settlements
  • Rural settlements
  • Settlement density and the natural environment in Southern Transdanubia in Development of settlement systems.
  • ST Inter-settlement migration and accessibility in Japan
  • In this paper the potential interaction between two settlements is defined as accessibility between them, and inter-settlement migration in Japan is analyzed with the help of the Pred's model. The Population Census of 1955, 1960, 1965 and 1970
  • Modelling of settlement systems for regional planning in Population and settlement structure. Analytical and policy approaches.
  • Rural settlement: an historical perspective.
  • Migration and settlement: a multiregional comparative study
  • A note on the dimensions of a national settlement pattern
  • Ecosystems for rural settlements in developing countries
  • Rural settlements
  • An investigation of cities of macrostructure of the settlement System of the GDR in Population and settlement structure. Analytical and policy approaches.
  • The role of communication in human settlement development.
  • United Nations. Centre for Human Settlements. (HABITAT), International
  • Voraussetzungen und Ansatzpunkte zur Erforschung und Funktion nationaler Siedlungssysteme. (Preconditions and starting points of an investigation of the structure and function of national settlement systems)
  • The paper emphasizes the demand for a profound theoretical and methodological base of systems'research about national settlement systems. It pleads for the limitation of systems'terminology to research of human settlement which really uses systemic
  • approach. On the other hand, the author agrees that there may be interesting geographical presentations of the entity of human settlement of a nation without a strict consideration to systems. (HL).
  • A new approach for the geographical study of settlement morphology for rural settings
  • This paper is concerned with an approach for studying rural settlement morphology in frontier or permanently occupied areas. A thorough consideration of periodic rural dwelling distribution is provided with the approach since it requires
  • a disaggregation of the settlement components. The paper considers the rationale for and the procedure of disaggregating the period rural settlement distributions. Rural dwelling accessibility to trade-service centers over a 37-year period is analyzed
  • in southwestern Oklahoma, USA. Nearest neighbor and quadrat analyses are used for describing settlement morphologies that, with time, exhibited clustering tendencies. Dwellings comprising the contemporary settlement occupied sites that indicated rural inhabitants
  • The Challenge of Squatter Settlements with special reference to the cities of Latin America.
  • University of British Columbia. Centre for Human Settlements. Vancouver, Canada
  • Rethinking rural settlement planning
  • the U.K. suggests that any re-evaluation of rural settlement planning should be centred on a return to the principle of planning as a problem-solving process.
  • Settlement form and rural development : scattered versus clustered settlement
  • Urban settlement patterns and amenity in North East England in Development of settlement systems.
  • The national settlement systems: review and comments in Progress in settlement systems geography.