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  • Rural settlements in the prairie region of Canada
  • The settlement system of Venezuela in Urbanization and settlement systems. International perspectives.
  • The settlement system of the United States in Urbanization and settlement systems. International perspectives.
  • Settlement in the humid tropical life zones of Latin America
  • Reflections on the A.'s experience in guiding new settlement development in tropical America. - (DWG)
  • Settlement and subsistence change among the Choco Indians of the Darien Province, eastern Panama : an overview
  • Changes in traditional settlement and livelihood in the tropical forest of eastern Panama are occurring, as well as a move toward a politically autonomous territory (comarca). - (DWG)
  • The evolving Spatial organization of Small settlements in the countryside an Ontario example
  • The changing populations, functions and interactions of small rural settlements are reviewed. A case study in Wellington County Ontario indicates that a degree of local retail specialization and numerous employment opportunities have evolved
  • in small settlements there. Widespread use of the car has created strong local commuting links and shopping patterns, rather than close associations with places over 300000. Hart's dispersed city concept is proposed to distinguish this type of spatial
  • Agriculture and river lot settlement in Western Canada: the case of Pakan (Victoria), Alberta
  • Economic problems in Guyana's program of directed settlement
  • A map analysis of recent European immigrant Settling in metropolitan Detroit based upon petitions for naturalization
  • The origins of Navajo settlement patterns
  • Case study of town development in 14 agricultural counties of North Dakota from their origins at the beginning of white settlement up to ca. 1920. Railroads played the major role in settlement process and morphology. - (D. W. Gade).
  • Mot Kanadas Nordväst: pioneer settlement by Scandinavians in central Alberta
  • The Evolution of settlement systems. A Canadian example, 1851-1970
  • Settlement and mobility among newcomers to Garden City, Kansas
  • Bevolkerungs-und wirtschaftsgeographische Entwicklungstendenzen in den mennonitischen Siedlungsgebieten des Chaco Boreal in Paraguay. (Population and economic geographical development tendencies in the Mennonite settlement areas of the Chaco Boreal
  • Mormon perception and settlement
  • Kinship and society in the Ukrainian pioneer settlement of the Canadian West
  • Canadian small town renaissance: implications for settlement system concepts
  • The Canadian urban system in Urbanization and settlement systems. International perspectives.
  • Settlement change in Spanish America: the dynamics of Congregacion in the Cuchumatan Highlands of Guatemala, 1541-1821