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  • The changing pattern of rural settlement in the densely-settled region of Igboland, Nigeria
  • Identification and measurement of the areal extend of settlements from Landsat. An exploration into the Nigerian case
  • Traditional planning of organic settlements in Ghana
  • Settlement changes in the Bagamoyo district of Tanzania as a consequence of villagization
  • Changes in the distribution, location and grouping of settlement together with the organization structure of the rural areas following the villagization programme carried out in Tanzania in 1973-77 are described and analysed. Prior to villagization
  • about a half of the local population lived in small, scattered habitations, and it was only in the north of the area that fairly large nucleated villages had been preserved as the main mode of settlement. Some drift of population had begun to take place
  • before the implementation of the villagization scheme itself, however. Just as the traditional settlement had favoured the high ground, with its fields in the low-lying areas, so the new settlement spread to the high land, while the depressions were
  • The roots of homelessness : causes of squatting in the Vlakfontein settlement south of Johannesburg
  • The evidence from one free-standing squatter settlement on the Witwatersrand suggests that squatting in the south of Johannesburg is not primarily a result of rural immigrants since the abolition of urban influx control laws in 1986, but the result
  • Mauritian settlers in South Africa: the case of sugarmill artisans
  • Sugarmill artisans constituted a major proportion of Mauritian settlers in Natal and they were subject to unfavourable discriminatio. It is shown how after 1945 their distinctive culture was eroded. This was the consequence of a number of factors
  • Reflections on the absence of squatter settlements in West African Cities : the case of Kumasi, Ghana
  • The case of Kumasi is examined with reference to the reasons adduced by Peil to explain the absence of squatter settlements in West Africa. These reasons may not be tenable in this case, but people's attitude to traditions, customs and beliefs
  • regarding land ownerhsip and the role of spirits of dead ancestors in the affairs of the living may be safeguarding the city against the development of squatter settlements.
  • A comparative analysis of frontier settlement in the Cape Province, South Africa, and Southern Ontario, Canada
  • Settlement location decisions in a frontier region reflect both the economic and cultural variables. Distance and environmental quality are two economic variables and both are also appropriate in analyses of migration and of economic change
  • . Institutional considerations and issues of contact, cooperation and conflict incorporate a variety of cultural variables. Settlement chronology in a frontier region requires the initial location of an urban centre, distance biased rural expansion, frontier town
  • National policies and the Nigerian settlement system in Progress in settlement systems geography.
  • The evolution of rural settlements in Cameroon
  • Iron age settlements and soil erosion in the E. Transvaal, South Africa
  • Djebel Aziza-die Ruinen einer Berber-Rückzugssiedlung in Südtunesien. (Djebel Aziza-the ruins of a retreat-settlement of the Berber in southern Tunisia)
  • Public policy and the dynamics of urban settlement system in Nigeria
  • Local and central state control of Black settlement in Munsieville, Krugersdorp in South Africa. Geography in a state of emergency.
  • Rural-urban integration in national development: a strategy of spatial planning for human settlements in Kenya in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • Asian Institute of Technology. Division of human settlements development. Bangkok, Thailande
  • Small towns and national settlement strategy development: some policy implications from southern and East Africa in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • Asian Institute of Technology. Division of human settlements development. Bangkok, Thailande
  • Government policy and the urban settlement system of South Africa in Progress in settlement systems geography.
  • Rural settlements, mission settlements and rehabilitation in Transkei
  • Evolution of inter-community settlements in Africa : the example of Ife-Ijesa frontier area of Southwestern Nigeria
  • Nyimang women in urban settlements in Migration and identity change in the Sudan.