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  • Concept ; Hungary ; Rural settlement ; Rural society ; Settlement
  • Farmsteads in Hungary function as independant settlement units can be characterised by their segregation from towns and villages. They can be defined as agricultural or settlement units, a natural system, or perhaps as an individual way of life
  • Néhany magjegyzés a kosép-Békési varosok hataranak településfoldrajzi vizsgalatahoz. (Some remarks on the settlement-geographical investigation of the outskirts of the middle-Békés towns)
  • Actually there are more settlement-geographical phenomena in these areas: land-use in the countryside, distribution of land possession, other settlement types in the country-side. (C. Kiricsi).
  • The author's deduction is that the place of settlement geography in science and its research programme should be re-composed. The complex interpretation of each settlement must come to the front and as a part of economic geography. The A. stresses
  • two factors : the community and the morphology of the settlement.
  • Hungary ; Population density ; Settlement ; Small town ; Town ; Urban function ; Urban morphology ; Urban population ; Urban settlement ; Working population
  • This research describes the settlement morphology of Mezöhegyes, a small town that is unique in that the original pattern was aimed to serve economic purposes and planned accordingly by civil engineers. The original manors have decreased in number
  • , the population in the outskirts has been decreased and aged and the central part of the settlement has increased. - (JS)
  • Farm ; Great Hungarian Plain ; Hungary ; Settlement ; Town ; Urban population ; Working population
  • Author analyses the recent development tendencies of towns and scattered farmsteads (tanyas) in the agricultural region of Great Hungarian Plain. Population dynamics, rural-urban migration and employment structures are investigated by settlement
  • types. Due to alterations in the occupational structure and in other characteristics of towns the internal structure of these settlements has also been modified. Most of them still retain morphological features typical of market towns, there has been
  • Hungary ; Settlement ; Town ; Urban ecology ; Urban model ; Urban morphology
  • settlements. Mendöl named this famous and often debated method functional-morphology. In this system small scale functional elements were classified and amalgamated into functional groupes, which constitued the different urban zones within cities. Linking
  • urban morphology and functional pattern with the paradigm of human ecology was a revolutionary step forward in settlement geography. - (JS)
  • The settlement is a social unit manifested also in various spatial units. Investigations of social structure (population number, age structure, school level etc.) have been sporadic in Hungarian human geography, although they reveal how
  • the individual neighbourhoods within a settlement are utilised. - (JS)
  • The data basis for functional-morphological analyses has considerably broadened (census statistics, etc.). The positions of the mid-Békés towns in the settlement network have changed. Functions modified at a more rapid rate than morphology. (DLO).
  • One of the most interesting components of the Hungarian settlement network is the system of dispersed farmsteads on the Great Hungarian Plain. Great changes took place during the last two decades and this process was closely followed by Hungarian