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  • Countryside ; Croatia ; Depopulation ; Road ; Road network ; Rural population ; Settlement
  • The length of the road network had an effect on the intensity of demographic emptying of the rural areas (settlements) in Croatia; a longer network of roads to a certain extent means less populational degression, while a shorter network means
  • greater population degression. Analysis results indicate that a firm connection exists between traffic accessibility of rural settlements and their demographic characteristics.
  • Distance ; Settlement ; Slovenia ; Spatial analysis ; Transport ; Transport network ; Transportation geography
  • In the article we are discussing the problem of measuring and evaluating of distances between nodes in transportation network. Three different approaches for evaluating of distances between settlements are presentend on the case of Slovenia.
  • This paper discusses the geographic position and developmental stages of Ploče harbour, its functions and structures of port traffic. An analysis is also made of the influence of the port on the transformation of settlements, demographic position
  • , port functions, growth of population and settlements.
  • Communication network ; Commuting ; Croatia ; Population ; Railway ; Road ; Rural development ; Settlement ; Transport
  • The paper discusses the influence of traffic on the development of agrarian regions, giving Hrvatsko Zagorje as an example. In the first place it covers commuting and growth of the population, including socio-economic transformations of settlements
  • are identified, while urbanization axes are identified and categorized by means of the number and continuity of urban and urbanized settlements.