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  • Settlement ; Settlement system ; Slovenia ; Social geography ; Suburbanization ; Urbanization
  • The growth of settlements in Slovenia has over the decades been associated with the growth of the outside borders of settlements beyond the historically and organically conditioned borders. Nowadays the greatest dynamics is seen within the suburban
  • and rural settlements. The second characteristics of modern spatial settlement transformation is connected to the dominant and disperser build-up area with relatively free-standing one-apartment houses, which instead of longtime wishes for decentralistic
  • Minority ; Political geography ; Settlement system ; Slovenia
  • Roma people changed their way of life from nomadism to stabile settlement very late (in afterwar period) and remain some specifics in living-standard and have poor opportunities for social integration. That's why they have a lot of social problems
  • Location ; Service ; Settlement ; Slovenia ; Tertiary sector ; Urban development
  • Fractals ; Settlement ; Slovenia ; Town ; Urban development