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  • European settlement and development in North America.
  • Quakers, North Carolinians and Blacks in Indiana's settlement pattern
  • The strong settlement linkage between Quakers and free Blacks in Indiana in 1850 is explained by their migration from proslavery North Carolina before the Civil War. - (DWG)
  • Gyorffy Istvan és a magyar településfoldrajz. (Istvan Gyorffy and Hungarian settlement geography)
  • The message for settlement geographers (researchers of tanyas in the first place) extractable from the works of I. Gyorffy, reknown ethnographer, is investigated. (DLO).
  • Evidence for a long term process scale for social change in modern man settled in place via agriculture and engaged in trade and war
  • Lost Norse mystery: disappearance of Groenland settlements in Middle Ages
  • Rural Settlement in Britain
  • Prehistoric settlements along the Main Nile in The Sahara and the Nile. Quaternary environments and prehistoric occupation in northern Africa.
  • Satellite settlements in Western Samaria
  • A community transplanted : the trans-Atlantic experience of a Swedish immigrant settlement in the Upper Middle West, 1835-1915.
  • Leishmaniasis and Inca settlement in the Peruvian jungle
  • Migration and mobility among Danish settlers in southwest Iowa
  • The trading post settlement of the Canadian Northwest, 1774-1821
  • An analysis of ancient Egyptian settlement patterns using location-allocation covering models
  • Medieval agriculture and settlement in Oughterard and Castle-warden, Co. Kildare
  • Anglo-Norman manorial settlement in Ireland: an assessment
  • Agrarian settlement and cultivation from a historical geographic perspective : examples of the Mälar district in Central Sweden
  • Sod land versus sagebrush : early land appraisal and pioneer settlement in an arid intermountain frontier