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  • The National Settlement Systems. Papers at the VIIth Meeting of the Commission of National Settlement Systems, Leipzig, June 1983
  • The human settlements and services area 1981.
  • Settlement pattern evolution and catastrophe theory: a comment
  • Institutions as frontier linkages : Comment on The Settlement of European Russia
  • Bibliography on land settlement =Bibliographie sur colonisation agraire =Bibliografia sobra colonizacion de tierras.
  • Settlement pattern evolution and catastrophe theory: a comment and reply
  • Settlement formation. Part I : a dynamic theory
  • Settlement formation. Part II : numerical simulation
  • The method is suitable to show the changes in the previous natural environment in settlements. Built-up areas, sealed surfaces and unsealed surfaces covered with vegetation may be distinguished as the principal forms pertaining to urban settlements
  • Simulation and analysis of structural properties of human settlement systems by means of entropy maximising models
  • Problems of forming comprehensive settlement-geographical theory. The basis of the model construction is the concept of exposition, output and relation to the applied sphere.
  • The brief description of the method is followed by a possible application (for the establishment of types of settlements in Hungary). The subjectivity of factor-analyses can be reduced by path analysis.
  • Urban settlement and the properties of the simplicial graph
  • Urbanization and settlement. Proceedings of the second Soviet-Polish geographical seminar, Moscou and Leningrad, June 1974
  • Systems approach to human settlement in Sixteenth European Congress Copenhagen, 1976.
  • Land-use maps for town planners in The environment of human settlements. Human Well-being in cities.
  • The spatial reproductive value and the spatial momentum of zero population growth in IIASA Issue on migration and settlement.