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  • Fluvial geomorphology and semiotics : a Wittgensteinian perspective of the divide between human and physical geography
  • physical and human geography that are hidden by the language we use, and this is illustrated through the application of Peircean semiotics to a hierarchy of geomorphological processes in a river system.
  • Justice for all ? Material and semiotic impacts of Fair Trade craft certification
  • Focusing on the craft sector, the paper explores the impacts of both the material practice of certification (evaluation and monitoring) and the semiotic practice of certification (product labeling). Drawing on a collaborative research experience
  • with a craftswomen's cooperative in the Ecuadorian Andes, it argues that the material practice impedes artisan's attempts to join the formal Fair trade network, while the semiotic practice limits the ability to lift the veil of the commodity fetish, one of the central
  • The structure of cartographic modelling is presented by subdivision of its methodics into spatial-thematic, mathematic-cartographie and graphic-semiotic modelling. The following concepts are described as features of cartographic models: spatial
  • structural analogy, graphic-semiotic shape. Model classes are illustrated. (HL).
  • Sur l'espace du tourisme: un voyageur en Tunisie. Eléments pour une sémiotique de l'espace touristique des Français. (French tourist space: a Tunisian voyage. Elements for a semiotic analysis)
  • The A. explores the semiotic and political operation of commemorative street names. He sheds light on the procedures of the naming and the renaming of streets. He elaborates on how street names, in addition to their role in the spatial organization
  • and semiotic construction of the city, are also participants in the cultural production of shared past. He uncovers commemorative street names as a powerful mechanism for the legitimation of the sociopolitical order.
  • Scientific and indigenous Papuan conceptualizations of the innate: a semiotic critique of the ecological perspective in Subsistence and survival: rural ecology in the Pacific.
  • Civilization ; Cultural studies ; Image ; Landscape ; Postcard ; Semiotics of space
  • . A report is provided of methods designed to reveal how individual tourists interpret these postcards as semiotic texts. They seem to perpetuate experiences associated with Australian frontier mythologies.
  • Concept ; Geographical imagination ; Semiotics of space
  • Perception of the urban environment ; Semiotics of space ; Town ; Urban development
  • Architecture ; Durham ; England ; Perception ; Place ; Semiotics of space ; United Kingdom
  • Myth ; Semiotics of space ; Theory ; Town ; Town plan ; Urban morphology ; Urban theory ; Urbanism
  • Cultural studies ; Imperialism ; Place ; Semiotics of space ; Space ; Territory
  • Cultural studies ; Handicrafts ; Innovation ; Modernization ; Peripheral region ; Portugal ; Semiotics of space ; Tradition
  • Australia ; New South Wales ; Semiotics of space ; Social space ; Territorial identity ; Urban area
  • Architecture ; Ethics ; Gender ; Semiotics of space ; Social life ; Town ; Urban practice
  • The AA. provide a selective genealogy of the critical turn in place-name studies and consider three approaches to analyzing spatial inscription as a toponymic practice : political semiotics, governmentality studies, and normative theories of social
  • California ; Los Angeles ; Minority ; Public space ; Semiotics of space ; Territorial strategy ; United States of America ; Urban society
  • Canada ; Ontario ; Perception ; Place ; Scale ; Semiotics of space ; Space ; Toronto
  • Cultural geography ; Landscape ; Semiology ; Semiotics of space ; United States ; Urban landscape ; Western Europe
  • The various developments which have led to a revitalisation and diversification of qualitative approaches to the city and to a transcending of traditional confines of qualitative work are considered. Studies drawing on semiotic and discursive