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  • Determining paleosol topography using seismic refraction
  • China ; Gansu ; Interglacial ; Loess ; Palaeosol ; Plateau ; Quaternary ; Research technique ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy ; Topography
  • The seismic refraction reversed profiling technique has been used to investigate the topography of the last interglacial soil (paléosol S1) within the central Chinese Loess Plateau near Xifeng: variations in the depth. Discussion about the results
  • and this method.
  • Alps (The) ; Fault ; Italy ; Methodology ; Regional geology ; Seismic method ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Zonation
  • Seismogenic nodes - specific structures formes at the intersections of fault zones - have been delineated in this paper by the morphostructural zoning (MZ) method and their seismic potential has been evaluated by the pattern-recognition method
  • Differentiation of loose sediments with seismic refraction methods - potentials and limitations derived from case studies.
  • Baden-Württemberg ; Geology ; Geomorphology ; Germany ; Methodology ; Sedimentary ; Seismic reflection
  • L'A. montre les apports et les limites des méthodes de réfraction sismique pour l'étude et la différenciation des sédiments meubles. Des études de cas menées en Allemagne, au Baden-Wurtemberg (Bietigheim, Untergrombach, Kirchener Tal, Maustobel
  • Determining sediment thickness of talus slopes and valley fill deposits using seismic refraction - a comparison of 2D interpretation tools.
  • Geomorphology ; Methodology ; Modelling ; Sedimentology ; Seismic reflection ; Slope deposit
  • Durant la dernière décennie, on a appliqué la réfraction sismique à la recherche géomorphologique. Mais l'interprétation des données étant limitée à une méthode, les AA. proposent des méthodes de modélisation en deux dimensions appropriées à un
  • High-resolution seismic and ground penetrating radar - Geophysical profiling of a thermokarst lake in the western Lena Delta, northern Siberia
  • Asian part of Russia ; Delta ; Geophysics ; Lacustrine sediment ; Lake ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Radar ; Seismic method ; Siberia ; Thermokarst
  • High-resolution seismic and ground-penetrating-radar (GPR) data have been acquired over Lake Nikolay in the western Lena Delta in order to study the uppermost basin fill and the bordering frozen margins. GPR measurements were completed on the frozen
  • lake and its permafrost margins, while high-resolution seismic data were acquired from the lake during open-water conditions in summer using a Chirp profiler. The combined use of the 2 profiling systems allows stratigraphic profiling in both frozen
  • Provenance and dispersion of fluvial, beach and shelf sands in the Bassa Maremma coastal system (central Italy): an integrated approach using Fourier shape analysis, grain size and seismic data
  • Central Italy ; Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Coastal sedimentation ; Grain size distribution ; Italy ; Seismic method ; Statistics
  • High resolution seismics and stratigraphy off Kapp Norvegia, Antarctica
  • Antarctica ; Continental margin ; Sedimentary structure ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy
  • Depositional environments and history of Late Quaternary sediments in Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay : further evidence from seismic and biostratigraphic data
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Biostratigraphy ; Foraminifera ; Glacial features ; Marine quaternary ; North-West Atlantic Ocean ; Sea floor;Ocean floor ; Sedimentology ; Seismic method
  • Appennino ; Fault ; Geothermics ; Italy ; Miocene ; Regional geology ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics
  • , seismic interpretations of 2 new seismic reflection profiles and borehole logs allow better consolidation of the geometry and evolution of the Tuscan Nappe boudins in this region.
  • Basic regional crustal setting and superimposed local pluton-intrusion-related tectonic in the Larderello-M. amiata geothermal province, from integrated CROP seismic data
  • Geothermics ; Italy ; Regional geology ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics ; Toscana
  • California ; Marine quaternary ; Sea level ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics ; United States
  • Through analysis of high resolution seismic-reflection profiles, this paper addresses the middle to late Quaternary history of sedimentation of the Ventura shelf and associated glacioeustatic sea level fluctuations, and it constructs a chronology
  • Loess-paleosol and paleoclimatic investigations. Principles, methods and criteria
  • Dynamic characteristics of loess landslides of seismic origin and an approach for predicting landslide in loess are presented. Subsidence of seismic origin in loess is described.
  • British Columbia ; Canada ; Geophysics ; Glacial flow ; Glacier ; Glacier dynamics ; Model ; Plateau ; Seismic method
  • During the 1997 summer field season, a grid of 30 survey stations was established on the high ice plateau in order to locate exactly the ice-flow divide between the Llewellyn and Matthes glaciers. Two geophysical methods, seismic reflections
  • Mapping of mountain permafrost using geophysical methods
  • This paper gives an overview of investigations to map mountain permafrost distribution showing the potential of the modern use of geophysical methods : bottom temperature of the snow cover (BTS), refraction seismics, DC resistivity, ground
  • Continental crust ; Geophysics ; Global tectonics ; Gravimetry ; Seismic method ; Tide
  • Canada ; Continental margin ; Continental slope ; Glacial erosion ; Marine quaternary ; Newfoundland ; Oxygen 18 ; Sediment budget ; Seismic method ; Stratigraphy ; Volcanic ash
  • This paper reports new core data and seismic ties to DSDP Site 111 on Orphan Knoll which support a suggested chronology and permit quantification of the volumes of sediment carried through the Trinity Transverse Trough during past glacier advances.
  • Appalachian Mountains ; Fault ; Fractal geometry ; North America ; Seismic method ; Spatial distribution ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Topography
  • fractal analysis of topography, structural cross-sections and reflection seismic data of two area of the North American central Appalachian Mountains : one in the intensely deformed Valley and Ridge province and the other in the relatively undeformed
  • Calabria ; Carbonate rock ; Coral reef ; Fault ; Italy ; Miocene ; Neotectonics ; Palaeogeography ; Reef ; Seismic method
  • . This fits well with the tectonic evolution of adjacent offshore areas, as established elsewhere from geological and seismic marine studies. - (MR)
  • Aerial photography ; Fault ; Geomorphology ; Italy ; Neotectonics ; Seismicity ; Sicilia ; Structural geomorphology ; Vertical movement
  • . The methods used in this work are based on three stages of research: 1), the collection, elaboration and interpretation of bibliographic data about neotectonics and history seismicity; 2), the interpretation of aerial photos to identify geomorphological
  • Cold area ; Drainage network ; Esker ; Fluvioglacial features ; Glacial features ; Seismic method ; Sweden ; Topography
  • of the Baltic. Aerial photographs and topographic maps were used. The vertical extent of the deposits and the positions of the underlying bedrock surface were investigated with seismic equipment.