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  • Sea floor engineering geomorphology : recent achievements and future directions
  • Bathymetric chart ; Fault ; Geotechnics ; Hydrocarbon ; Mass movement ; Natural hazards ; Natural resources ; Sea floor ; Submarine geomorphology
  • This paper reviews some of the methods for assessing sea floor geomorphology for engineering sites and considers the capabilities of some of the recently developed investigation technology. Some of the main sea floor processes which can affect
  • Sea floor morphology of the Ebro Shelf in the region of the Columbretes Islands, Western Mediterranean
  • Bathymetry ; Continental shelf ; Earthquake ; Ebro ; Geology ; Mediterranean Sea ; Sea floor ; Spain ; Submarine geomorphology ; Volcanism ; West Mediterranean Sea
  • Bathymetry ; Cartography ; Geographical information system ; Ocean ; Remote sensing ; Research technique ; Sea floor ; Sea-floor spreading
  • Influence of deep water circulation and sea floor morphology on the abundance and grade of central south Pacific manganese nodules
  • Particulate Matter sinking to the deep-sea floor at 2000m in the Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas, with a description of a New sedimentation trap
  • Nature and implications of asymmetric sea-floor spreading. Different rates for different plates
  • Jurassic sea-floor spreading in the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic
  • The morphology of the top-Tertiary erosion surface in the Belgian sector of the North Sea
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Chronostratigraphy ; North Sea ; Palaeogeomorphology ; Sea floor;Ocean floor ; Sea level ; Seismic reflection
  • of the North Sea. This morphology seems to be slightly controlled by the lithology and structure of the Tertiary substratum. Some remarkable planation surfaces, paleovalleys and other morphological features have been identified.
  • Sea-floor spreading in marginal basins of the Western Pacific
  • Sediment distribution and sea-floor morphology of Storbanken : implications for the glacial history of the northern Barents Sea
  • Paleoceanography: sea floor dues to earlier environments
  • Circulation océanique ; Deep Sea Drilling Project ; Géographie physique ; Marge continentale ; Paléocéanographie ; Sédiment ; Sédimentologie
  • Grâce aux prélèvements exécutés dans le cadre du Deep Sea Drilling Project, la circulation océanique et les changements des composants de l'environnement peuvent être mieux suivis. Il semble que la répartition des sédiments en particulier n'ait pas
  • National atlas of Sweden. (7). Sea and coast
  • Aquaculture ; Atlas ; Baltique mer ; Carte thématique ; Climat ; Courant marin ; Eaux territoriales ; Faune marine ; Flore marine ; Littoral ; Mer ; Mer bordière ; Mer du Nord ; Milieu naturel ; Mine ; Navigation ; Niveau marin ; Pollution marine
  • Aquaculture ; Atlas ; Baltic Sea ; Climate ; Coastal environment ; Coastal waters ; Fishing ; Marginal sea ; Marine fauna ; Marine pollution ; Marine sedimentation ; Mine ; Natural environment ; Navigation ; North Sea ; Sea ; Sea current ; Sea level
  • Ce 7e volume est consacré aux mers bordières de la Suède : leurs limites, la géologie sous-marine, la dynamique de la zone littorale, climat et courants marins, pollution de l'eau, niveaux marins, faune et flore, pêche et aquaculture, navigation
  • Morphotectonics indices of the Dead Sea transform, Jordan
  • Dead Sea ; Index ; Jordan ; Mountain ; Regional geology ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Valley
  • Two morphotectonic indices (i.e. mountain front sinuosity (Smf) and valley-floor width to heigh ratio (Vf) were measured along the eastern margin of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. The subdivision was based on the continuity and trend
  • The Aral Sea: a saline lake in transition
  • The Aral Sea basin. A Man-made environmental catastrophe
  • Aral ; Ecosystème ; Ex-URSS ; Faune ; Flore ; Impact ; Lac ; Milieu saumâtre ; Salinité ; Srednââ Aziâ
  • This paper deals with a pragmatic aspect of the Aral Sea problem. The question is how does salt (or salinity) per se effect the demise of a lake's ecosystem?
  • Beaufort Sea ; Canada ; Coastal environment ; Cold area ; Ice ; Permafrost ; Sea ; Sea floor;Ocean floor ; Sea ice ; Sea level ; Sea water ; Sedimentation ; Stream ; Temperature ; Thawing
  • the nature and rates of processes that may have been associated with the degradation of permafrost further offshore in the Beaufort Sea.
  • Black Sea ; Continental margin ; Geomorphology ; Relief ; Sea floor
  • Holocene sea-level rise recorded by a radiocarbon-dated mussel in a submerged speleothem beneath the Mediterranean Sea
  • Biogenic process ; C 14 dating ; Coastal environment ; Fossil fauna ; Holocene ; Italy ; Karst ; Marine quaternary ; Sea floor ; Sea level ; Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Fossil shells of the boring mussel Lithophaga lithophaga provide a means for dating changes in relative sea level. Here are reported data concerning the deepest submerged speleothem presently sampled in a temperate area, at 48 m below present sea
  • level off the west coast of Italy (Mediterranean Sea).
  • Azov Sea ; Black Sea ; Gulf ; Lithology ; Marine sediment ; Sea floor ; Sedimentology
  • Methodology ; Sea floor;Ocean floor ; Thematic mapping;Thematic cartography
  • Biodiversité ; Biogéographie ; Caspienne ; Faune ; Flore ; Iran ; Littoral ; Réserve naturelle
  • Biodiversity ; Biogeography ; Caspienne Sea ; Coastal environment ; Fauna ; Flora ; Iran ; Nature reserve
  • Description de la faune et de la flore de cette réserve située en Iran sur la côte méridionale de la mer Caspienne.