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  • Silicon Saxony - processes of transformation in the last fifteen years
  • Depopulation ; Development ; Economic development ; Education ; Germany ; High-tech industry ; Innovation ; Poverty ; Saxony ; Society ; Transport ; Unemployment
  • The eastern part of Germany functions in the European mentality as a problem area in which it is possible to observe a number of negative social and economic processes (depopulation, poverty, unemployment). Silicon Saxony is currently beginning
  • to change the traditional image it has had hitherto. The economic development of Saxony is correlated with that of the whole transport system, including airports and transport via inland waterways, with valuable features of the natural landscapes
  • and with the development of education and the tradition of innovation. Those opportunities are important factors underpinning the location of high-tech industries. Numerous examples confirm the legitimacy of the aforementioned new name. Saxony is trying to join central
  • Economic cooperation ; Economic development ; Economic region ; Economic structure ; Germany ; Halle ; Industry ; Leipzig ; Planning ; Regional economy ; Saxony ; Saxony-Anhalt
  • the administrative boards of Saxony as well as Saxony-Anhalt. - (IH)
  • Economic development ; Germany ; Migratory balance ; Regional development ; Saxony ; Saxony-Anhalt ; Thuringia
  • The central German region (Mitteldeutschland, comprising the states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia) is loosing people since the unification with West Germany. In addition to the general German problem of low birth rates here considerable
  • Brandenburg ; Education ; German Democratic Republic ; Germany ; Governance ; Peripheral region ; Saxony ; Territory
  • Brain drain in Eastern Germany and increasing governance paradoxes related to the outcomes of post-socialist peripheralization, new approach to educational policy in Saxony and Brandenburg. - (IfL)
  • Saalian end moraines in Lower Saxony in Glacial deposits in north-west Europe.
  • Structural landforms and planation surfaces in southern Lower Saxony in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • The areas in southern Lower Saxony provide examples of the spatial association and synchronous evolution of structural and sculptural landforms in which, under the influence of short term changes of tectonic and climatic conditions in the recent
  • Holocene floodplain evolution of small rivers in the uplands of Lower Saxony, Germany
  • The Holocene floodplain evolution of the river Ilme and its distal tributaries in the uplands of Lower Saxony has been reconstructed by shallow corings arranged in cross and longitudinal profiles. The AA. differentiate three Holocene fluvial units
  • The city of Chemnitz in Saxony (Germany) building its new economic profile
  • Chemnitz ; Germany ; Industrialization ; Saxony ; Urban economy ; Urban function ; Urban growth ; Urban history ; Urban industry ; Urban site
  • Possible impacts of climate change on natural vegetation in Saxony (Germany)
  • Climatic warming ; Germany ; Global change ; Impact ; Phenology ; Saxony ; Twenty-first century ; Vegetation
  • Concept ; Discourse ; Germany ; Place names ; Regional analysis ; Saxony ; Saxony-Anhalt ; Thuringia
  • as the territory of three states Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. - (IfL)
  • Bank ; Economic development ; Germany ; Inner city ; Investment ; Saxony ; Urban area ; Urban development
  • The free state of Saxony, the European Investment Bank, the city of Leipzig and the Development Bank of Saxony (SAB) have decided to initiate an Urban Development Fund Saxony as a pilot project for the entire area of the FR of Germany to implement
  • Decision making process ; Flood ; Germany ; Historical geography ; Impact study ; Saxony ; Saxony-Anhalt ; Thuringia
  • The article presents important documents of the most disastrous high water in the Central German region (Western Saxony, Southern Saxony-Anhalt, Eastern Thuringia) from 1500 to 1900 and the substantial socio-economic effects of these catastrophes
  • Homoclinal ridges in Lower Saxony in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Germany ; Region ; Regional policy ; Saxony-Anhalt
  • Based on empirical studies of three regions in Saxony-Anhalt, the concept of regional management was closely examined from a theoretical and practical perspective to determine the efficiency of this concept. The results of this analysis
  • Political institutionalisation and economic specialisation in polycentric metropolitan regions : the case of the East German Saxony triangle
  • Agglomeration ; Economic cooperation ; Economic structure ; German Democratic Republic ; Germany ; Polycentrism ; Regional economy ; Saxony ; Spatial concentration ; Specialization ; Urban region
  • Germany ; Regional identity ; Rural area ; Saxony ; Tourism potential
  • The article describes the experiences of the ILE-process in rural space of Saxony with a view from involved stakeholders and habitants. At the moment in Saxony 33 regions exist (21 ILE-regions and 12 LEADER-regions), which can grow together to brand
  • Aeolian dust dynamics in agricultural land areas in Lower Saxony, Germany
  • The dynamics of fine aeolian dust emitted from agricultural land was investigated over 15 months near Grönheim, Lower Saxony. This study was unsertaken in the framework of WEELS (Wind Erosion on European Light Soils), an international EU project
  • Municipal investments promoting tourism in Lower Saxony (Federal Republic of Germany)| their allocation and structure in reference to the state's tourist policy (1974-1978)
  • Agricultural land use ; Germany ; Hydrology ; Modelling ; Saxony ; Soil erosion
  • By using the physically based simulation model “EROSION 3D”, surface runoff is systematically investigated under variable land use conditions referring to two small sub-catchments of the Striegis River in Saxony (Germany). The paper deals
  • Administrative unit ; Czech Republic ; District ; Local government ; Regional geography ; Saxony ; Silesia ; Západočeský
  • of the reform. The comparison with the achieved results of the territorial division in the saxony and Lover-Sillesia is emphasized.