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  • Stationäre Satelliten im Dienste der Geodäsie. (Stationary satellites applied to geodesy)
  • Généralités sur la géographie ; Géodésie ; Géophysique ; Satellite géostationnaire ; Sciences de la Terre ; Technique de recherche ; Télédétection
  • Applications of geostationary artificial Earth's satellites to geodesy and geophysics. Using modern sensing technologies those night further win in efficiency in the future. (HL).
  • Basisinterferometrie mit künstlichen Satelliten eine Revolution in der Geodäsie? (Base line inferometry by means of artificial satellites a revolution in geodesy?)
  • On the strength of its accuracy and efficiency base line interferometry by means of satellite-born transmitters is able to change the technology system decisively. Account of conclusions for the establishment of arrays of control points, large-scale
  • Satellitengeodätische Forschungen am Geodynamischen Observatorium Potsdam. (Les recherches de géodésie par satellite à l'observatoire géodynamique de Potsdam)
  • . Parameters of Earth's rotation vector as well as large scale terrestrial distances have been derived with a high accuracy by means of distance measuring data to artificial Earth's satellites. (HL).
  • The most important results of satellite geodetic works in Potsdam are development and utilization of a laser ranging system of second generation and of a programme package for the analysis of satellite orbits with an accuracy of decimetres
  • Artificial intelligence : realistic goals for the 1990s in Reflections and visions. 25 years of geography at Waterloo.
  • This paper is designed to stimulate discussion about artificial intelligence. Some illustrative applications in remote sensing are described, and one desideratum for artificial intelligence in geography is advanced.
  • Africa ; Anthropogenic factor ; Artificial satellite ; Classification ; Coastal zone ; Image processing ; Mangrove ; Remote sensing ; SPOT satellite ; Satellite observation ; Togo ; Transect method ; Tropical zone ; Vegetation map
  • Africa ; Clasificación ; Factor antrópico ; Manglar ; Mapa vegetación ; Método transect ; Observación por satélite ; Procesamiento imagen ; Satélite SPOT ; Satélite artificial ; Teledetección ; Togo ; Zona costera ; Zona tropical
  • Afrique ; Carte végétation ; Classification ; Facteur anthropique ; Mangrove ; Méthode transect ; Observation par satellite ; Satellite SPOT ; Satellite artificiel ; Togo ; Traitement image ; Télédétection ; Zone côtière ; Zone tropicale
  • Artificial drainage induced erosion : the care of railway culverts on the Kewzana Ridge, near Alice, Eastern Cape
  • Applied geomorphology ; Artificial drainage ; Cape Province ; Impact ; Land use ; Slope gradient ; Soil erosion ; South Africa
  • The geomorphic impacts of artificial drainage in the form of railway culverts are examined on a steep hilsslope at Kwezana, Eastern Cape. An insight into the erosion and surface hydological conditions of the hillslope at pre- and post- railway
  • Dried earth layers of artificial forestland in the Loess Plateau of Shaanxi Province
  • By determining the earth moisture content of artificial forestland between 0 and 6 m deep in the Loess Plateau of Shaanxi province, the vertical change of moisture content, distribution and formation causes of a dried earth layer are researched
  • . The dried layers generally develop in middle-aged artificial forestland that consumed too much moisture.
  • Artificial drainage of peatlands : hydrological and hydrochemical process and wetland restoration
  • Afforestation ; Artificial drainage ; Bibliography ; Ecosystem ; Environmental degradation ; Humid environment ; Hydrochemistry ; Hydrology ; Peat bog ; Watershed
  • This paper will firstly give an overview of peat drainage practice before reviewing the literature to show that artificial drainage of peatlands is unsustainable. It will then discuss the future needs for wetland research and peatland restoration
  • Applications of artificial intelligence techniques to remote sensing
  • Artificial intelligence in geography : conjectures on the shape of things to come
  • Esperiencias de gelifracion en medio artificial
  • Artificial coastlines: the example of Singapore in Geomorphology of changing coastlines.
  • Relationship of eco-environmental change with natural erosion and artificially accelerated erosion
  • The Ziwuling forest area provides research base for tracing back eco-environmental change related to natural erosion and artificially accelerated erosion. Using methods of typical region investigations, in-situ experimental study and chemical
  • analysis of samples, impact of vegetation destruction and rehabilitation on soil erosion, characteristics of natural erosion under conditions of natural ecological balance and artificially accelerated erosion resulting from vegetation destruction in forest
  • area, and the processes of artificially accelerated erosion and soil degradation have been analyzed and discussed.
  • Some suggestions concerning the development of artificial intelligence tools for spatial modelling and analysis in GIS
  • Artificial intelligence ; Expert system ; Geographical information system ; Modelling ; Optimization ; Spatial analysis
  • The use of artificial neural networks in a geographical information system for agricultural land-suitability assessment
  • The assessment methods which can currently be used with GISs have limitations which may lead to inaccurate assessment. An artificial neural network is an effective tool for pattern analysis. It allows decision rules of greater complexity
  • Artificial intelligence and its applicability to geographical problem solving
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) may be regarded as an attempt to understand the processes of perception and reasoning that undeslie successful problem-solving and to incorporate the results of this research in effective computer programs
  • The problem of locating industry on artificial islands in the North Sea
  • that many cost-price elements tend to harm the realization of an artificial industry island. (Revue).
  • Hydrological modelling using artificial neural networks
  • Artificial intelligence and expert systems in geodata processing
  • Morfogénesis de playas en el lago artificial Mari-Menuco, provincia del Neuquén