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  • Alternative regimes of transnational environmental certification : governance, marketization, and place in Alaska’s salmon fisheries
  • Alaska ; Fishery ; Fishing ; Fishing industry ; Governance ; Industry ; Label ; Neo liberalism ; Salmon
  • This paper explores the implementation of Marine Stewardship Council certification in salmon fisheries in the US state of Alaska in the early 2000s, the growing opposition to MSC certification through periods of reassessment, and the emergence
  • 2013
  • Numerical simulation of the impact of sediment supply and streamflow variations on channel grain sizes and Chinook salmon habitat in mountain drainage networks
  • Climatic change ; Drainage network ; Grain size distribution ; Habitat ; Idaho ; Impact ; Mountain ; Numerical model ; Salmon ; Sediment load ; Sediment transport ; Simulation ; Stream flow ; United States of America ; Watershed
  • through a gravel-bedded river network using a one-dimensional (1D) bedload transport model. The study site, Buckhorn Creek is located in central Idaho. They calculated changes in grain sizes and estimated Chinook salmon habitat suitability caused by a dry
  • 2013