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  • Perception of the Great Plains in nineteenth century folk songs : teaching about place
  • Melodies and lyrics can evoke a sense of place, in this case, folk songs that emerged between 1870 and 1890 in the frontier society from the Dakotas to Kansas. - (DWG)
  • Theoretical problems of territorial planning in Song Hua Lake area.
  • Aménagement régional ; Chine ; Chine, nord-est ; Développement ; Gestion de l'environnement ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Jilin ; Planification ; Région ; Régionalisation ; Song Hua, lac
  • The territorial planning of a region aims at rationalising the development and utilization of its resources and the management and protection of the environment. Development came relatively late in the Song Hua Lake area making its planning
  • Lookin' for Margaritaville : place and imagination in Jimmy Buffett's songs
  • In 1977, Jimmy Buffett, a singer-songwriter, released a song entitled Margaritaville. A. uses the imaginary Margaritaville and Buffett's lyrics and tunes in general to explore the role of music in the production and consumption of images of place
  • Get your kicks on route 66! A song of postwar migration
  • Article considers the significance of the hit song Get your kicks on route 66!, written by Bobby Troup and his wife Cynthia on their road trip in 1946 from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California. The Nat King Cole Trio recorded
  • Sucre candi et confiseries de Quinsai : l'essor du sucre de canne dans la Chine des Song (X-XIIIe siècles)
  • Alimentation ; Chine ; Confiserie ; Géographie humaine ; Histoire économique ; Produit alimentaire ; Quinsai ; Siècle 10-13 ; Song ; Sucre candi ; Sucre de canne ; Technologie sucrière
  • Le régime alimentaire de la grive musicienne (Turdus philomelos) en automne et en hiver dans les garrigues de Montpellier (France méditerranéenne) et ses relations avec l'ornithochorie. (The autumn and winter diet of the Song Thrush, Turdus
  • 18 species are consumed and their seeds dispersed by song thrushes. Together with the Blackcap, the Sordinian Warbler, the Blackbird and the Robin, the Song Thrush plays a major role in the dissemination of fleshy-fruited plants in the study area
  • Maps and memory : readings of cartography in twelfth- and thirteenth-Century Song China
  • reached a much broader readership of literate elites over the course of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and acquired new political significance as maps became powerful symbols in debates concerning the pros and cons of negotiated peace.
  • The focus is on the exploration of local influences and global forces in the production of music. The A. explores how local resources intersect with global ones in a process of transculturation. Using the example of English songs by a songwriter
  • and artiste whose works are part of the popular music industry mainstream, and that of Mandarin songs of the genre xinyao, the A. shows that, despite increasing globalising forces, music is still an expression of local/national influences.
  • In 1941 the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) commissioned folk singer Woody Guthrie to write music for film and broadcasts. He wrote 26 songs for BPA in one month of employment. This Columbia River Song Collection had two main narratives
  • Reconstruction of cropland area and spatial distribution in the mid-Northern Song Dynasty (AD1004-1085)
  • Agriculture ; Chine ; Chine du Nord ; Densité de population ; Distribution spatiale ; Dynastie Song ; Géographie historique ; Peuplement ; Politique fiscale ; Politique foncière ; Siècle 11 ; Terre agricole
  • Les AA. analysent le changement de l’utilisation du sol et ses effets climatiques dans le Nord de la Chine au cours de la dynastie des Song (1004-1085 de notre ére). A partir de l’étude de la fiscalité agricole et du nombre de familles de chaque
  • Première édition signalée dans la 76Bibliogr. 1970, CIb3. Les données naturelles: formes de relief, climat, végétation| l'action de l'homme, aux temps préhistoriques, dans la Chine impériale (T'ang, Song, Ch'ing). Les premières innovations (1850
  • Eurovision Song Contest is a musical contest have been staged since 1956, where that country is the winner the song of which receives the most score from other countries. The voting system makes it possible to reveal preferences between certain
  • Datations au radiocarbone paradowales dans le bassin du lac Song-Kël' et du fleuve Naryn au Tien Chan
  • Songs in a strange land - ambiguities of identity amongst Irish migrants in mid-Victorian Manchester
  • Ou la géographie du folk-song. Le vieux Sud (Tennessee-Kentucky) reste prédominant, mais le Texas commence à l'emporter, chez les chanteurs de moins de 50 ans. (RB).