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  • Self-organizing maps (SOMs) are a relative newcomer to synoptic climatology. In this paper, the AA. review the major developments and climatological applications of SOMs in the literature. The SOM can be used in synoptic climatological analysis
  • in a manner similar to most other clustering methods. However, the most intriguing development with SOMs has been the new avenues of visualization; the resultant spatial patterns of any variable can be more readily understood when displayed in a SOM
  • . This improved visualization has led to SOMs becoming an increasingly popular tool in various research with climatological applications from other disciplines as well.
  • Jordytan som dynamiskt system och som människans livsmiljö
  • Erosion plot studies at the Hilton Experimental Site, east Shropshire, have evaluated the effects of set-aside on runoff and erosion. The fundamental objectives of this paper are to : present results of long-term soil organic matter (SOM) changes
  • related to grass ley set-aside; discuss effects of SOM dynamics on soil erodibility; discuss associated SOM and texture associations; and discuss the importance of establishing permanent benchmark SOM and soil organic carbon data.
  • With a total of 886 data sets distributed in different regions of China, the relation of soil organic matter (SOM) concentration to climate and altitude was investigated. According to climate gradient and vegetation community succession, 6
  • geographical regions were divided to identify the key factors regulating surface SOM concentration in different geographical regions. Correlation analyses indicates that surface SOM concentration is in general negatively correlated with annual mean temperature
  • (T), and positively correlated with annual mean precipitation (P) and altitude (H). Surface SOM concentration in southwestern China is determined by a linear combination of T, P and H.
  • Staden - så som William William-Olsson såg den
  • Geografisk Informationssystem (GIS)-anvendt som geologisk voerktoj Les systèmes d'information géographique. Application aux problèmes géologiques
  • Palsar som klimatindikatorer
  • Regionalgeografi som vanetänkande och engagemang in Regional geografi. (La géographie régionale comme routine ou comme engagement personnel)
  • Ystads projektet som regionstudium in Regional geografi. (Le projet d'Ystad comme étude régionale)
  • Fjärranalys som hjälpmedel i periglacial-forskningen. (La télédétection comme moyen d'étude dans la recherche en géomorphologie périglaciaire)
  • This study aims to review and integrate the determining factors and mechanisms of soil organic matter (SOM) stabilisation in andic compared with other (non-andic) soil types. The AA. have reviewed recent literature regarding the nature of SOM
  • and its stabilisation processes in the top- and sub-soil to address and discuss the interaction between the SOM and the mineral phase. The carbon (C) storage capacity by the metal-humus-complex formation of volcanic soils is also evaluated. The most
  • important stabilisation processes are related to the incorporation and decomposition of microbial-derived C along with the changing C storage capacity with increasing soil development. The priming and destabilisation of adsorbed SOM are crucial mechanisms
  • influencing the soil C sequestration in subsoils. Al and Fe oxides are the main stabilising agents in andic soils. The influence of climate, mineralogy and soil disturbances on the SOM storage capacity of andic soils also require further attention.
  • Characteristics and tidal flat trends of soil organic matter (SOM) turnover were studied for the Chrongmingdongtan Salt Marsh in the Yangtze River estuary, based on analyses C 13, grain sizes and contents of particulate organic carbon, total
  • nitrogen and inorganic carbon for 3 cores excavated from high tidal flat, middle tidal flat and bare flat. The muddy tidal flat processes exerted direct influences on sequestration and turnover of SOM in the salt marsh, and had great constraints
  • on the spatial and temporal characteristics of SOM turnover of the Chrongmingdongtan Salt Marsh in the Yangtze River estuary.
  • Recent changes on the Somers-Sandy Point coastline, Westernport Bay, Victoria
  • The sandy foreland east of Somers consists of numerous subparallel dune ridges, pattern of which indicates long-term accretion. Recent stages in the growth of southern coastline have been traced from successive air photographs| repeated survey on 24
  • The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of multi-spectral aerial imagery and topographic information for assessing topsoil organic matter (SOM) content based on detailed surveys carried out in 2 spatially and geologically independent
  • Danish fields. The results show that the spectral reflectance data obtained within the visible and near infrared range are correlated with the SOM content in both fields, and that the spectral bands are almost co-linear. The results also revaled
  • that the data used in the investigation were insufficient to properly describe the variations of SOM within the fields.
  • AXE, FAX, NMT och TGV. Populära akronymer som visar på framväxten av ett nytt kommunikations- och transportlandskap
  • Alperna som fysisk och politisk barriär
  • Lokalklimatkartan som verktyg inom jordbruket
  • Kartan som hypertext - om en elektronisk regional miljoatlas La carte comme ''hypertexte'' - à propos d'un atlas régional de l'environnement par des moyens électroniques
  • Satellitbilleder som hjaelpemiddel ved praktisk U-landsarbejde i Somalias kystzone (Les images satellite comme moyen d'évaluation de l'utilisation du sol en zone littorale somalienne)
  • Torvmarker som klimatregulatorer under fanerozoikum